Spoons etc

You may or may not have seen that I posted a new mood board earlier on today. This is my latest piece that I’m working on and the best thing is, I can talk about it because it’s a piece for my best friend, my mum! 

moooodThe kitchen at my home in Felixstowe was completely remodelled. It originally consisted of an open plan kitchen/living space with wooden ceilings and teracotta walls.

Around Christmas time, the new look was complete as the small partition between the two spaces had been removed and a large kitchen was created. The walls are now white, and aubergine and cream cupboards add colour whilst the floral blinds introduce a green as well.

It’s gorgeous, I love it. It’s just a shame they waited until I moved out before decorating (incredibly selfish, mum!)


Anyway, no artwork has been put up since the kitchen was completed, so mum sent me a text last week, very obviously hinting at me do something for her.

There’s this blank white wall under the stairs that’s just crying out for something interesting – so this is where I come in! 


I’ve decided to do three pieces (10×12) in crisp black frames to be staggered on the wall. I chose to do three smaller designs rather than one large one because the space is so awkard with the slope from the stairs.

Like the spoon painting I found on Pinterest – which I LOVE and actually would quite like in my own house – I have decided to use black and grey watercolours to paint a variety of kitchen utensils. These will include spoons, forks, knives, chopping boards, spatulas, cork screws and rolling pins. With a touch of purple and green in some of the handles to tie it in with the rest of the room!

I’m completely excited to get started and see it hanging on the wall – I’ll make sure to show you a picture when they’re up!

love lauren x

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