Half hour sketch


This is just a quick 20 minute/half hour sketch I did tonight. I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll mention it again, drawing is not my forte, but I keep practising because I do enjoy it just as much as I enjoy painting.

I’m usually drawn to flowers whenever I do any piece of art, and lotus flowers are especially significant to me and that’s why I chose them tonight. Often the lotus gets portrayed without the stalk, but I happen to think the stalk is the most important part, which is why my more abstract wrist tattoo also features the stem. This is the first tattoo I got and it was actually only two days after my eighteenth birthday; I’d had it picked out for a while.


The lotus starts off at the bottom of the dirty, miserable water until it grows past the water’s surface into a beautiful colourful flower. In many ways that’s how I see my life, although I also think I’m not fully in bloom yet.

Have a wonderful (and just as wild as mine) Saturday night!

love lauren x

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