Day 13: Are you a perfectionist?

31 Days of BPD

perf100%. I like things to be perfect in everything that I do.

Perfectionism is completely individual though. It doesn’t mean you have to paint inside the lines – it just means that everything has to look as good – or as perfect – as it can.

I can become incredibly frustrated with people that don’t have the same mentality as me. Their writing is lazy and their presentation in everything is lazy.

If you’re going to do something, do it properly and do it to the best of your ability. And give yourself plenty of time because being a perfectionist inevitably takes longer.

But don’t be structured with it. Be creative and be daring. Do things that noones done before. Therefore, you can set your own standards for what perfect means.

love lauren x

3 thoughts on “Day 13: Are you a perfectionist?

  1. esse636 says:

    Oh yeah..I have been a rigid perfectionist, but have (am) learnt to let it go- it certainly makes life easier! Just learning to accept things as they are. Really like- “setting own standards for what perfect means”


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