Moving home

So yesterday I moved home.


For those of you that don’t know, I have been on my placement year from uni working for 12 months, and it’s now over! Feeling very sad about leaving new friends but also incredibly excited to be home for three weeks and then off to uni again towards the end of September.

Therefore, I did miss out yesterday’s post for the 31 Days of BPD challenge – please forgive me, I was travelling (I think this is a valid excuse!!)

I’ll do two later!! For now, it’s a chilled out day with my mum and my labradoodle, Charlie!

love lauren x

One thought on “Moving home

  1. stephenslotnick says:

    Lauren all is forgiven and for good purpose! I’m thinking…why do you have to be across the pond?! I hope the move brings light and love (however temporary that might be) to you! And since you sign all your posts with “Love Lauren” I’ll sign mine to you with “Love Stephen” ( the “proper” English spelling)!


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