Theme of 2015

Now that the Christmas period is drawing to a close, the next thing on everybody’s mind is the new year. 2015 – When times get better, easier and more enjoyable than 2014.

It’s something to look forward to. A new start. And resolutions begin to be formed all over the world.

“I’m going to lose10lbs”
“I’m going to quit smoking”
“I’m going to join the gym”

I as well could name a good few resolutions to accomplish what I want in life. Some being…

  • Exercise more
  • Eat more healthy
  • Drink less alcohol
  • Spend more time with friends/family
  • Concentrate on uni work
  • Get more work experience
  • Paint more
  • Spend less money

…Really the list could go on. So I figured that’s a silly idea. Everyone knows that it’s difficult enough to keep just one resolution, and usually they don’t last past January because it’s difficult to completely change an aspect of your life. So instead – this year – I decided to give the year a theme. A theme which these ideas for resolutions all achieve anyway.

No more resolutions.

No more promises made to break.

Instead, I will just strive to accomplish my 2015 theme, when and as frequently as possible.

If I slip up occasionally and order a pizza, or if I buy a new dress that I really don’t need – that’s OK. If I decide to watch TV instead of go to the gym, or if I decide to stay in whilst all my friends go out, that’s OK too.

We’re human, so things aren’t black and white. There can be grey areas where it’s OK to be the exception of your own rule.

As long as in the end, this one word is accomplished – Happiness.


This is my 2015 theme. The thing I want to achieve. Happiness as much as possible so that when I look back at 2015 in years to come, I know it was a good one and I couldn’t have done more to make it better.

What’s your new years theme?

love lauren x

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