Day 19: What are some lyrics that describe what you’re going through right now?

31 Days of BPD

This is actually a question with a really simple answer. When I first started this 31 Days of BPD project, I dreaded this question because I thought it would be really hard to think of something.

However, as it happens, today – it couldn’t have an easier answer.

Nirvana – Lithium

I love Nirvana anyway, that’s no secret. They take up a large proportion of my iTunes. But today, I had an assessment with a Pyschiatrist. My doctor wants me to try some mood stabilisers but the Psych needs to OK it before I can get my hands on it. I also suffer from Cyclothymia as well as Borderline Personality Disorder so it’s mainly to help with my Bipolar tendancies.

Lithium is quite obviously one of the more well known mood stablisers so this song is pretty apt with what’s happening with my life. The lyrics are also a pretty accurate and interesting interpretation of how Kurt Cobain was feeling – and how many of the rest of us feel as well.


3 thoughts on “Day 19: What are some lyrics that describe what you’re going through right now?

  1. The Dysfunctional Writer says:

    They aren’t lyrics, but this is a quote from a movie I watched tonight that resonated with me enough that I paused the movie to write it down. Virginia Woolf is speaking to her husband when she says, “If I were thinking clearly, I would tell you that I wrestle alone, in the dark, in the deep dark, and that only I can know, only I can understand my own condition. You live with the threat, you tell me. You live with the threat of my extinction. I live with it too.”

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