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There are hundreds of home remedies out there to supposedly treat depression and anxiety. Green tea, omega 3, brazil nuts, saffron – but do any of them actually work? Has anyone real ever actually tried them?

I want to find out.

I’m going to spend every day for a week trying each of the most commonly suggested home remedies to see if any of my symptoms change, for ten weeks. Hopefully at the end of all of this we can then gain a bit of clarity on the ones that are worth doing and the ones that are a waste of our time, energy and money.

Starting tomorrow I am giving up caffeine for the week, and it is going to kill me. Caffeine is by far my biggest guilty pleasure! But I will try my hardest in the name of research, and desperation.

Have you ever tried any home remedies, or are there any specific ones you’d like me to try for you? Drop me a comment.


23 thoughts on “Home remedies

  1. secretlystarving says:

    Ive never read that saffron treats depression, but it does work for anxiety. Im big on holistic medicine but i encourage you to look things up before trying them (like st johns wort for example- its been proven to be a placebo effect). SAM-e is fantastic for depression although it takes a few weeks to get into your system and you need yo keep titrating up until you find a dose that works. So unless you were on the minimal dose you wouldn’t see any help (i was on the maximum- 1600- and saw amazing differences). I can send you a laundry list since ive basically tried everything myself. If you do the Omega3s, you cant take just any- you need to learn about EPA/DHA, and get the righ ratio as well as concentration. Its much higher than your daily dose and incredibly expensive.


  2. theothersideofp says:

    Definitely going to follow how you do with this! I could not give up coffee! My sister has depression to and she swears by green tea calming her down at stressful times, she has so many different flavours too so you dont just have to stick with the plain one x


  3. bipolarscorpio says:

    I comment you on this challenging endeavor! I would be interested to see how it would feel to for you to give up refined sugar. I did it once for a year and it was so difficult at first, I went through a withdrawal. Not to mention having to question and change almost everything in my diet, but the payoff was beyond belief. I’ve never experienced anything healthwise and in my state of mind quite like it. I am thinking of trying to do it again, but as I am just coming out of a depression it was too much for me for a while. As I get more healthy I think that it is something I will try in the near future. You have inspired me anew! Good luck, I can’t wait to hear how it goes!


  4. ludergirl says:

    I have a pretty sever anxiety disorder. I gave up caffeine for the 2nd time about 7 or 8 months ago. I’ve very sensitive to caffeine in general, but it really does kick up my anxiety. At most I drank a cup of coffee every morning when I first got to work. Years ago I gave caffeine up for 2 years. When I was feeling better I picked it back up, started slow, a cup a week, 2 cups a week, until I was drinking a cup a day, except for on the weekends, but that is just too much for me, with my sensitivity and how bad my anxiety can be. Let alone, if I drink any caffeine after noon, I can’t sleep that night. Good luck dropping it, it wasn’t particularly hard for me, but I know it can be a bitch to stop. And I hope it makes you feel a little better.

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  5. safirefalcon says:

    Oh yeah. Not sure that a week off caffeine will be enough time to see a difference though. It can cause withdrawal symptoms in some and it will depend on your chemistry as to how long you’ll feel them and how long it takes for it to detox out of your system.

    Most herbal remedies and supplements are also cumulative and most may not be noticeable until after some time of using. Also, if you don’t take enough or too much of something that can also make a difference on whether it works or not and on HOW it effects you.

    I’ve been experimenting with supplements for years.

    A few that I like are:

    -5HTP, 50 mg on empty stomach in morning. If I take more it makes me sleepy and it is actually used by some to help some with sleep, so again depending on chemistry someone might get sleepy on 50mg where I feel alert and awake.

    -Phosphatidylserine (PS) works OK on its own, but the effects are subtle for me. I have been taking it with the 50mg of 5HTP when I take the HTP and that seems to give the HTP a subtle kick.

    -I also notice a difference in mood when I eat healthy fats with the spectrum of B vitamins. Healthy fats include coconut oil and butter as well as other animal fat like in ground beef.

    -There’s also a product called Mind Power Rx developed by a doctor Ray Sahelian that I like too. It’s got a list of things in it. If you’re curious about it you can google it.

    So yeah, stuff works but each person needs to find what works for them.

    Also there is a line of something called nootropics and racetams that are interesting too. I don’t have much experience with them but they are popular among the “brain hacking” set.

    Good luck and have fun. This is one of my favorite topics.

    PS. I’m not a shil LOL, just someone who has experimented and read for a long time.


    • bylaurenhayley says:

      Thanks for the info! I will definitely try and keep these things up for longer than a week if possible to give them a proper go – but I now have my last cup of coffee before tomorrow and the thought of it is already killing me haha!

      I’ll try my best. Thanks for commenting!

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      • safirefalcon says:

        I hear ya on the coffee. I like it too and have quit it a number of times. Haha. That’s something I get different results from too. Sometimes I feel wired and agitated from it and other times I feel focused and energized. It’s a chemistry thing and unfortunately I don’t know what effect I’ll get that day til I consume it. LOL.

        It’s also the ritual of it that is dependent forming too. I think stuff like that makes us feel comforted from the familiarity of it, that ‘break’ from life or that thing that marks the beginning of our day to get it started or whatever it is for you.

        Coffee is definitely more than just a physical addiction.

        You can always cut down on amount of coffee and incorporate supplements along with it. Just a suggestion though. I’m sure you probably have a plan all mapped out for yourself.

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  6. myitchybubble says:

    I exercise, i have a cross trainer and a pole. My cross trainer recently broke and i actually cried (i cry alot though lol)

    I drink green tea too with lemon and it helps me to relax, im not sure if green tea actually but exercise does. I used to run a lot but cant fce running outside at the minute, hench the trainer but it does help me


  7. johnsibson says:

    Hi, I’m kinda hooked on your blog! I just wanted to say that Green Tea has nearly as much caffeine as black tea so if you’re wanting to cut it out altogether then Green Tea isn’t really the way to go. I’m intrigued as to how you’re getting on though BB


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