We’ve reached 50!

It’s been 16 days since I came up with the concept of The Mental Health Art Auction and allowed bloggers to begin getting involved!

mental health art auction

The auction doesn’t take place until August, but we have already reached our first 50 sign-ups and so I’m so excited to see how many fantastic people we can get on board by the time August rolls around.

Thank you to each and every one of you – you’re incredible.

1. Borderline Blonde
2. A Day with Depression
3. As We Seek, So Shall We Find
4. Onomatopoeicbliss
5. Luke Hood
6. Lost-One
7. Blissfully Crafted
8. Asparagus Speaketh
9. Manic Medic
10. Lifeofmiblog
11. David Susman PhD
12. The Elephant in the Room
13. Shirley’s Heaven
14. Behind the Wall
15. The Prozac Queen’s Court
16. Quickenings – Memoirs of a Prodigal
17. Borderline Med
18. Behind the Wall
19. The Grand Optimist
20. Stuart Middleton
21. Under the Surface
22. Locked Out of Life
23. CJ Stewart Art
24. Real Life with Bipolar Disorder
25. Pride in Madness
26. A Real Look at What Some Would Call Crazy
27. Under Reconstruction
28. Depressionless
29. Common Sense Secrets for Health & Nutrition
30. Gifts By Anne
31. Make BPD Stigma-Free!
32. Jeff’s Deep Thoughts
33. Inspire and Illuminate
34. Don’t Let Me Get Me
35. For Equal Rights
36. Plumleaf Golden
37. The Bipolar Bear Blog
38. Working Through Bipolar
39. Fabulicious
40. Dicastlewriter
41. Screaming Out to the World
42. Psychology Ponderings
43. Alice has Thoughts
44. Tales of…
45. Life of a DIY Shopaholic
46. Sketch’s Blog
47. The Pretty Little Sparrow
48. Confessions of a Depressed College Student
49. Let me tell U a story
50. Be Brave, and Talk

If anybody else is interested in signing-up, we’d love to have you on board to raise awareness, fight the stigma and raise money for charity. You can find more details here.


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