11 thoughts on “Be bold.

  1. xfrozenmemory says:

    Love this! I picked up water colours about a month ago now and started painting two days ago. Didn’t quite turn out how I wanted it to. I know it’s just because I’m a beginner, but do you have any helpful tips for starting?


    • bylaurenhayley says:

      Watercolour isn’t something I’m too familiar with myself – I’m much more an acyrlic painter that recently bought some watercolours so I’m still learning myself. I think it’s just practise (I’m not happy with this picture either, but I know we all pick faults in our own work that noone else sees!). Try not to make it so dense, watercolour is soft and delicate – I’m used to acrylic so that’s been challenging for me. Allow it to flow how you want it to, I think watercolour doesn’t need to keep inside the lines like other forms of paint do. It looks nicer when the lines are a bit rough and organic! Good luck!


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