The worst person for the job.

So a while ago, I put my name down to volunteer with Student Minds. It’s a charity which helps students in the UK deal with mental illness and they do a lot of work with the university that I go to, Leeds Beckett (or Leeds Met if you’re a good person).

Anyway, today I received an email asking for volunteers this Thursday to run a stall on campus. And I said yes. In fact I jumped at the chance because I love helping with things like that and I’ve had nothing to do for the last couple of weeks.

But the tile of this post is ‘The worst person for the job.‘ And you might think I’m a good person for the job because of the subject and what I do here on By Lauren Hayley.

However – and it’s a big and slightly comical however,

There is a very obvious and valid point that I’m the worst person for this job and my boyfriend is finding it quite hilarious that I even agreed to do this in the first place (because it is literally my worst nightmare).

If we refer quickly to my All About Me page, you’ll come across Number 5 pretty quickly:

5. Balloons freak me out and I can’t eat anywhere near them or touch them.

Now I don’t think you quite understand the severity of this. It’s not that I’m scared of balloons, but I hate them. For as long as I can remember I haven’t been able to touch a balloon without gagging, I can smell them from a mile off (I’m like a police dog when it comes to balloons) and I will not eat anywhere near one. They’re just yuck. I know it’s weird. I was a very strange kid.

And yes, I know I study Events Management. Events need to stop featuring balloons – that’s all I’m saying.


…I was going to add a picture of a balloon here but I just couldn’t do it.

Following on from that: the description of what’s happening on Thursday:

We are going to have balloons so that people can write negative messages or something that is upsetting them (such as being stressed about exam results or nervous about starting semester 2) and then they are going to pop the balloons to release the negativity.



Triple shit.


32 thoughts on “The worst person for the job.

    • bylaurenhayley says:

      That’s insane that you work with something you’re so scared of – you think you’d get used to it! What made you work there? I’m not good with things like that either (I’m pretty much scared of everything haha!)


      • stuffthatneedssaying says:

        Well, I was having a good long hypomanic episode, and was convinced I was going to be a famous actress, so I went hunting for acting jobs. The haunted farm was sort of acting and was the first thing I got hired for. Ok, actually the only thing. Then over the following year I became good friends with the family that owns it, so I felt I had to do it again, even though I had a ton of anxiety and was going to be very sleep-deprived doing it on top of my day job.


  1. Iridescent Spirits says:

    This is like a session for anonym or pseudonym bloggers 😀 Then here’s my mental issue.
    I hate the touch of the textile corduroy and I cannot even look at it. My tongue(!) and fingers get numb and I’m trembling. And for some reason I have to go as far as I can and wash my hands.


  2. Aidan says:

    I couldn’t do it. While I don’t mind touching/seeing balloons, I am absolutely TERRIFIED of the sound of popping balloons. I wouldn’t last five minutes! XD

    Good luck, hun!


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