Canadians (and the rest of you), sign up!


As you can see by my leg, Canada is one of my favourite places in the world. The country did so much for my mental health, genuinely saving my life and allowing me to meet some of the most fantastic people I know.

I was vastly underweight when I first stepped off the plane in Toronto in January 2010, as my anxiety had really taken hold of me. But when I arrived back in London in July that same year, I had managed to control the anxiety enough to enable me to eat what was necessary, resulting in a gain of 2 stone in weight.

I am forever in gratitude to that place and the family and friends I met during my time over there are a lot more genuine and loving than most of the people that surround me every single day here in England.

But today, that same beautiful country has been campaigning to reduce stigma through the use of Bell’s Let’s Talk initiative. Because they’re not great enough in my books already, eh?

It is so important that stigma is reduced and awareness is shared so that people feel as though they are able to come forward and get the help they require for their illnesses. It’s something I’m incredibly passionate about as you all probably know by now (as I never stop going on about it!) and that’s why The Mental Health Art Auction has been put into place.

We have already had a lot of Canadians sign up today as I’ve been going round messaging the ones that are great enough to be campaigning. It’s fantastic to have so many of them on board, but we do need more – from everywhere around the world.

So far we have people who have also joined the fight from the USA, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Portugal, Czech Republic, Australia – just to name a few.

Please keep signing up so that we can make as big of an impact as possible and hopefully change quite a few lives. It really is going to be an amazing thing to be apart of, and you can find more info here:


13 thoughts on “Canadians (and the rest of you), sign up!

  1. therabbitholez says:

    I’ve been reading about it today, great initiative, we have something similar happening in the UK on the 5th February, we need to drive that message home.

    I fear with the election coming up and they say they are going to put more money into Mental Health, I still feel this area will be savagely cut.

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