Student Minds

Student Minds is a charity that works across different universities in the UK, including the uni that I go to – Leeds Beckett, where they offer support to students with eating disorders.

And today, I helped them out a bit at the refreshers fair on campus.

For those of you that read my post the other day – The worst person for the job, you’ll know my interest in today was ridiculous considering my dislike/fear of balloons. But of course, I did it.

The aim was for people to write negative feelings on balloons and then pop them so that the negative feeling goes away. There were also sheets of paper for people to write a good thing about themselves on so that they could take that away with them.

My balloon literally said ‘My fear of balloons’ – Obviously, and you can see me popping away that negative feeling in this video.



Please click on the logo below for more info about this awesome charity.



15 thoughts on “Student Minds

  1. gridthusto says:

    I love this concept 🙂 I once did a similar exercise which involved holding a stone and projecting all of the negative and debilitating thoughts/beliefs one has; then throwing the stone as far as you can.

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  2. anniehp says:

    As someone in recovery from Anorexia and heading off to uni in September this is great to read. I’m so pleased that such passionate people are out there. Well done to you all!


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