I got a job! – Update

As you will all know if you read my post, I got a job! – Well, it’s pretty self explanatory – I got a job.

20150131_134918It’s a clothing boutique, We Love Pixie, where they pick out gorgeous and affordable clothing and all put it all into one place. (Very dangerous as I have my eye on a few things already!)

Check out their website if you’re interested (you can purchase online too!) – http://www.welovepixie.com/ – or come check out the shop if you’re in the Leeds area and say hi! I’ll be in every Saturday.


Anyway, I just wanted to post to tell you all that it went really well.

I was actually more calm and ‘normal’ than I usually am, and Hannah that I was working with was lovely – and I’m really happy.

So all is good!


19 thoughts on “I got a job! – Update

  1. lifeofmiblog says:

    Congrats again. It is a big step. I am hoping to start a new job this week. I have been tentatively accepted but the company is waiting on a police clearance (driving record). Once that comes through I should be able to start. It is a job where I deliver trucks, usually new once, to customers. It could take me all over Aus eventually….but not to Leeds unfortunately! 😪


  2. Ross W says:

    Congrats!!! I remember when my first job came along… I worked for the QEII in Halifax. They were amazing and flexible with my needs (I have a mental health issue) it was a great stepping stone. Now I have 3 jobs lol and I love working 🙂 staying busy keeps my imagination at bay lol.

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