Petition for apology – Bipolar stigmatisation

I can’t actually believe people still get away with stigmatising mental illness, and that it is then allowed to be broadcast either via radio or TV. It is disgusting and proves that there is still a lot of hard work to be done to eliminate these ignorant views.

Please sign this petition to help gain an apology from American radio host, Tom Sullivan, who mocked Bipolar Disorder on air – labelling it as ‘made up’ and ‘the latest fad’.


It will take two minutes of your time, showing that you will not stand for these types of derogatory labels being put on the very real and painful mental illnesses that we suffer with.


18 thoughts on “Petition for apology – Bipolar stigmatisation

  1. Iridescent Spirits says:

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    How utterly disgusting this is..It’s one thing I was told a lot by my friends and family for my panic disorder that I’m just whining (they paid for it) but having loads of people on, and looking down the strength these illnesses require is just unacceptable. I’m so sick of this.

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  2. howtobreakbad says:

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    I’m not shocked by this, in fact it’s very FOX isn’t it. They’ve had to make a lot of apologies recently…another one definitely gets my vote. Whether I choose to accept it or not. And having managed to maintain a lightearted repose thus far I shall go and let my brain explode in private. Again

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  3. Bonnie Leanne says:

    Tom Sullivan can come sit on my couch and watch my child and see if he’s making it up or it’s real. Maybe he will get a little anxious when he sees the real deal. I can asure him that this “latest fad” sucks more than his face. Maybe he can come on a day that that my child is feeling extra froggy and Tom can get tackled.

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  4. Exploring Alura says:

    Don’t worry. He will eat crow when he realizes he is bipolar too. Because that’s the trick of this crazy world, we are all the same kind of CRAZY.

    We are all people living in a crazy world but KNOWING things are not RIGHT but hiding the TRUTH that we are ALL THE SAME. We all do things we should not do while calling people different names for doing the same thing, “things we should not do”.

    We are a WORLDFULL OF BIPOLAR which is the same as the mentally ill calling bipolar a made up illnesses which overlaps but lies under the twisted reality currently plaguing Earth.

    He calls bipolar fake because he doesn’t want to admit what he is to himself. By calling those who accept being bipolar a “bunch of fakes” he is in fact shouting to the world how fake is he and how little value his word should mean to you.

    Don’t waste time trying to force the ignorant to apologize. Instead focus your precious time and energy preaching kindness, wisdom, and understanding to those not brave enough to accept their diagnosis.

    We can’t all be brave. Leaders have to show the way. Be a leader. Lead the mentally ill to SELF LOVE and LOVE FOR ALL not meaningless apologies for they aren’t even worth the air we breathe.

    Use air as a barometer for lies. If it feels wrong, for any reason, it is a lie. Air never feels bad unless something has been done to it. Combined with something, heated up, or cooled down. Lies combine with the truth to fire up the spirit and turn off the soul. If you aren’t connected mind, body, and soul to the person you are talking to:

    The words won’t make sense, you have feelings of unease, or you need to get away from that person are all indications of a liar. If all three triggers are being flipped, you are in the presence of a LIAR. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

    A LIAR is too far gone down the path of the immoral and must bring himself back to reality himself. Attaching yourself to A LIAR can douse your light and pull you under, back to the darkness.

    Focus on shining your light to others who can see it. Don’t waste time on people who don’t even think you have a torch to carry your light with. How would they ever see how bright YOU TRULY ARE?

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  5. eloradevine says:

    Hi Lauren! Not sure where to write this, but I wanted to thank you for reading my mental health blog and to let you know that I’m moving to my original and non-anonymous blog — (I explain the move here ). I’d be flattered if you could follow me there – expect lots of mental health talk and cartoons!

    p.s. I signed the petition!

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  6. Bipolar Matriarch says:

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    This is part of the fight we, with mental illnesses have to fight. Why? It’s frustrating and ignorant. A mental illness is an illness like any other. Let’s ban together to end the stigma.

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