Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

Love it or hate it, it’s Valentine’s Day on Saturday.

I’m excited because it’s my third one being spent with my boyfriend, Nathan who I adore – but before him I most definitely hated it. So I apologise if you’re one of those haters, but these ideas could also be adapted for birthday presents, Christmas presents or just as a general present because you’re feeling nice (so I’ll add some alternative ideas too!).

Oh, and they’re all cheap.


Firstly, I’d like to take you back to a previous post of mine – 75 things I love about you.

20150108_130823-1This is by far the most mushy thing I’ve ever done for Nathan, but I love it and so did he. What’s great about this though as you could do it for your Mum, Dad, best friend – anyone and it’s a really fun thing to make.

Secondly, my chocolate bar message board. Now if you Pinterest this, you’ll get lots of different suggestions of messages that you can steal and adapt to make it more for you, but I decided to be brave and start mine from scratch.

I made it a little bit cheeky but sweet as well and had lots of fun trying to figure out chocolate bars that would fit into my sentences!


All you need for this is:

  • The board to stick everything on (something sturdy works best – I used cardboard and painted it black)
  • Sharpies to write your message
  • Tape/Glue to stick the chocolate on
  • Chocolate!

These are also great for Mother’s/Father’s Day, birthdays, Anniversarys and really almost anything else!

Lastly (I got a bit carried away this year!), I decided to make a box of things to do. Now I don’t have a picture for this I’m afraid because I actually did this for our anniversary which was last week. But here’s what went into the box:


  • Monopoly – His favourite game
  • Canvases/Paint/Brushes/Stickers – My favourite thing to do (Paint eachother a canvas!)
  • Beer
  • Popcorn

It was really cute and nice to do something that didn’t involve the TV! Obviously you could (and should!) do this other nights too though.

Hope you like some of these and try one of them out – they’re all so fun and easy to make. I think it’s nice getting something personal anyway!


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