Workout – Ouch

I started Cheer again this week after two months off for Christmas, and my body just did not want to do it. Cheer might look easy but you try throwing another human in the air and then catching them in a way that doesn’t break their neck.

It’s hard work. Really hard work. And it puts strain on muscles that you didn’t know you had. But it’s great because it forces me to exercise, socialise when I feel rubbish and the workouts make my mind healthier too. I absolutely love it.

Nevermind the fact that my team mates have become really good friends of mine so we have a lot of fun.


So today, me (on the right) and my team mate and flyer (in the middle), who we call Elsa – for obvious reasons…

elsa…took to the gym.

And oh my god. All I’m saying is: now I’m lying in bed as I can barely walk, so hopefully the pain wears off before training on Tuesday (from experience, I’m guessing it won’t!).

I feel like I’ve accomplished something though and I feel happy and energetic because of it, so I really do need to get back into the fitness routines I had going a while back and hopefully it’ll clear some of the anxiety/stress that I’m feeling!

Anyway, I hope you all had a fantastic Valentine’s (I did!)…


…and wish me luck because I get my final Semester one uni grade back tomorrow and I need a good one!


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