10 reasons why blogging is good for me

Today I want to do something a bit different; 10 reasons why blogging is good for me. It’s also a bit of a thank you to you guys for sticking with me over the last six months, being incredibly supportive and lovely to me.

So here goes! –

It’s like free therapy. There’s no easier way to get your feelings out then to write them down. As soon as I write down a thought, I can get on with my day knowing that it’s somewhere else and most importantly – not in my head.

It’s nice to know that my thoughts are helping someone else. The amount of comments I receive that begin with ‘Thank you for writing this’ is amazing. I also receive a flood of emails every day asking for advice and help which is lovely and I’m glad people feel as though they can come to me.

On the flip side, your posts help me too. Reading your posts allows me to recognise that I’m not the only person feeling this way, and maybe more often I should start commenting, ‘Thank you for writing this’.

Blogging builds self-esteem. Everyone knows that us Brits can’t take a compliment, we deflect it and the response is usually something along the lines of, ‘Oh shut up’. But more recently, I’ve not only started to believe the nice things that people say, but I’ve learnt to say, ‘Thank you’.

I’m not very good at being vocal with my problems – so this blog gives the people in my life a chance to understand how I’m feeling. My mum and my friend Megan read it regularly. I’m also almost 100% sure that all of you are actually my mum’s friends because she’s my number 1 promoter.


I have around 1000 virtual friends that I didn’t have before. Some of them that care much more genuinely than the people I have in my life when I step away from my laptop.

It forces me to take time out for myself. Sometimes I’m unsuccessful and don’t post for a few days, but the majority of the time I make the time in the day to blog for 20 minutes.

It gives me a chance to make a difference. I’m sure you’re all bored to death of hearing about The Mental Health Art Auction by now, but I love the idea that hundreds of people can come together from all over the world and really help to make a change for the better.

mental health art auction

Blogging provides me with a platform to showcase my work. The art work that I do and the events that I plan are usually only seen by a very select few people – whereas now hundreds have come across them and I’ve received many compliments.

I love it. It’s another passion of mine. It’s not a chore for me or something I need to get done. I genuinely love it.


24 thoughts on “10 reasons why blogging is good for me

  1. alyshakromm says:

    This is perfection. I just started my blog after years of writing in a diary and putting a lot of throught into taking the plung into blog world … Reading this just justified why what I did was the right decision! Thank you.

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  2. Iridescent Spirits says:

    I was heavily nodding at each point of this list. You are right, I have noticed these changes on myself too. Especially writing down my thoughts so they disappear from my mind. And true, starting a blog was one of my best decisions. 🙂


  3. cbeard0804 says:

    Being new to blogging, this community has really encouraged me far more that I thought it would. I still mostly write for the free therapy part but it is so great to connect with so many people who can relate to what you are going through! I don’t have many in person people who can understand at that same level. Thanks for being bold and putting together the Mental Health Art Auction! 🙂

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  4. Bipolar&Happy says:

    Great points there, i would add a few things. It brings you and us closer to people with similar problems and conditions, hence we understand each other and often offer support, tips and tricks. Secondly it adds a kind of virtual journal for monitoring our mood swings. Keep us posted and stay happy!

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  5. paranoidhelp says:

    I can relate to these. The main reason I did this was to find similar people to me, I have never spoken to someone with psychosis and I just believe it will help. It might make me realise all these thoughts are just from my psychosis.

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  6. Steph W says:

    I’d like to say as a fellow Brit I too have started to believe what people have said- it’s hugely satisfying knowing that people all over the globe never have to say anything, yet they chose to be honest and thankful. I’m so glad I stated blogging 2 years ago. It’s brought me many joys- including a publication. Best thing I ever did!

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  7. smswaby says:

    Lauren, I enjoyed your list. I liked how you talked about blogging and how it is good for your mental health. I find similar benefits. I like how blogging helps to connect different parts and different sides of our lives. For me, blogging also builds my humour muscle. I posted an article about this at https://smswaby.wordpress.com/2015/02/25/humorusness-humorousness-can-change-parts-of-you/. I list the 7 gifts of what I call Humour-Usness.

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