9 thoughts on “EMDR

  1. M. Foulkes says:

    I had one session of EMDR. Which I can resoundingly say wasn’t enough to make a realistic judgement. It was interesting though. No fish or paintbrushes though. Just watching a therapist wave her hand back and forth whilst thinking of things.


      • M. Foulkes says:

        The way the counselling service is commissioned locally means you only get 8 sessions of counselling. I was on my second go round (so 14/15) when I started the EMDR. The first was a preperation (embedding the ‘safe place’) and then I had a full 45 minutes of it the next time.

        At that point my sessions ran out. The second full session I was expecting didn’t happen (the only time I was late to the appointment) and the one after that was essentially an exit the service meeting.


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