#MHAW2015 Let’s talk Mindfulness: Part 1

So today marks the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week and this year it’s all about Mindfulness.

The topic of Mindfulness is very interesting to me, as it’s something that’s been recommended to me since my diagnosis of BPD. Meditation and yoga are also things I’ve been practising since my anxiety got a lot worse around a year ago, and so I’m actually in the process right now of studying for a Mindfulness diploma. Hopefully I’ll manage to complete this very soon and I’ll officially be a registered practitioner.

So what is it?

Mindfulness exercises are ways of paying attention to the present moment, using techniques like meditation, breathing, and yoga. Training helps people to become more aware of their thoughts, feelings, and body sensations so that instead of being overwhelmed by them, they’re better able to manage them. Practising mindfulness can give more insight into emotions, boost attention and concentration, and improve relationships.

– Mental Health Foundation, 2015


It’s not as easy as it sounds though, it takes time and practice to be able to apply Mindfulness properly into your lives, and so this week, we’re going to decide is it really worth all the effort? I want to help decipher whether or not Mindfulness could work for you. I’m going to gather all the facts, the research and the experiences, and put them all right here for you to see, everyday this week.

Tuesday: Origins of Mindfulness
Wednesday: Who should use Mindfulness
Thursday: What Mindfulness does to help you
Friday: Does Mindfulness actually work? Pros and Cons
Saturday: Success stories
Sunday: My experiences with Mindfulness

I will check back in with you tomorrow,

love lauren x


4 thoughts on “#MHAW2015 Let’s talk Mindfulness: Part 1

  1. entropy says:

    Meditation was not recommended for me since I suffer from psychosis sensitivity. So can mental health be an obstacle in practising mindfulness?


    • bylaurenhayley says:

      This isn’t something I have looked into and it’s not something that I’ve come across in my course so far. But that does seem to make sense. I will try and look into this more before writing next week’s posts. Thank you for allowing me to research a new angle – and if mindfulness doesn’t work for you I hope you find something that does.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. lifeofmiblog says:

    Hi Lauren, sounds like a busy week, watch the burnout! I just wrote a post on mindfulness…just a ‘from my point of view’ piece. I am very interested in what you will be writing. Keep up the good work.


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