Now that you all know what Mindfulness is and were it comes from, I guess the next thing you should know is who Mindfulness is for?


Would it be useful four your mum, your daughter, your friend or your neighbour? Would it be useful for you?

There is a very simple and quick answer to this question – yes. I mean look at the pointing finger.

On the whole, Mindfulness is used to treat people that suffer from depression-based mental health conditions, and the breathing exercises that a person will adopt when learning the practice is also fantastic for people with anxiety issues.

So this covers depression, generalised anxiety, phobias, panic disorder, OCD, PTSD, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder – and so much more.

Really though, it can be used to treat anybody – mentally healthy or otherwise. I think everybody could do with a little less stress in their lives, right? And the best thing is, Mindfulness can be used on anybody of any age, which could dramatically improve the services that young people receive. Doctors are quite rightly reluctant to give out medication to children, and you’re stuck in between adult and child services when you’re a teenager – which in my case meant that at fifteen years old my counsellor had me looking at drawings of dinosaurs to help me understand anxiety – it wasn’t fantastic, let me tell you.


Whether or not Mindfulness would work for you is a completely different and more complex question though. Firstly, do you like the sound of it? Is it something you’re open to or does it just sound like nonsense? And secondly, can you do it? Mindfulness takes a lot of practise and dedication, do you have a strong enough desire to give it all the time and attention that it takes?

Whilst it could be useful to you, if the answer to these questions is ‘It sounds like rubbish and I have no time anyway’ – It isn’t for you. But don’t worry, there are still plenty of things out there that are.

If you’re still on board so far and want to find out more, come back tomorrow for more info on how Mindfulness actually helps.

Thursday: What Mindfulness does to help you
Friday: Does Mindfulness actually work? Pros and Cons
Saturday: Success stories
Sunday: My experiences with Mindfulness

love lauren x


4 thoughts on “#MHAW2015 LET’S TALK MINDFULNESS: PART 3

  1. fuschiamorg says:

    For me it took a hell of a lot of anxiety to give mindfulness a real go. Now I recommend it to all of my family, friends and whoever the hell will listen!


  2. patternsofsouldevelopment says:

    Very important your “Mindfulness” series. Although Buddhisn has it in so clear terms, this is not a religion (Gautama himself would be very upset at realizing that his system of self – lnowledge and self – realization has been made into a religion. But this has happened long ago, when people could practically not conceive existence without religion). It is a way of being, or, rather, The way. The philosophy and the techniques are meant to address all aspects of our being, and that’s why it is so effective in treating ailments of mind, body and soul. Keep it going, your “plan of action” is great. I do hope more people would give Mindfulness a chance, for a healthy, greater, enhanced life.


  3. eggertl2 says:

    Thank you for your contribution. I am impressed by the awareness and acceptance that there are those who could benefit, but avoid or abstain instead. Good for you and those who do get value from your teaching.


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