I move into my third and final student house on the 1st July with one of my good friends and eek, wait for it – my boyfriend. I’m really excited, especially as Nathan and I have been together around two and a half years now so it will be nice to finally be living together as well.

However, because second year is over, all of the girls from my current house have moved home for summer leaving me by myself for the next month.Inevitably, this will result in me spending more time at Nathan’s so that I have some form of human interaction, and therefore I agreed to stop our internet contract to save a little money.

Anyway, this is basically a very long-winded and dragged-out way of telling you all that I have no internet in my house and won’t have until I move in July. I will try and write as many posts as possible when at Nathan’s or out and about if I can get 3G on my phone; but fear not – I will be back!

Speak soon (hopefully!)

I’ll probably be updating my Twitter feed much more often as it’s quick and easy to do from my phone, so feel free to follow me on there if you don’t already do so. My username is @bylaurenhayley 

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