Click here for a fantastic post written by clinical psychologist, David Susman, regarding what it takes to be a great advocate for mental health or any other cause.

He’s a very kind man and does some great work for mental health advocacy himself, so please check out his blog!

4 thoughts on “Advocates

  1. blackboxnurse says:

    The most I can do, right now is blog my own journey living with the disorder. It’s a scary process, baring my soul out in cyberland. If and when I can move onto the next phase, I would love to be an advocate. With my nursing skills and skill set, I think I may have something to contribute. Since my exacerbated episode as a newly diagnosed bipolar, I feel safe being a hermit. It’s going to take sometime. Thank you for this informative article.


  2. mentallydisorderedmuslimah says:

    Thank you for sharing this article. It was awesome and I am going to follow him. I answered ‘TRUE’ to all of the questions on the Advocacy Aptitude Quiz lol. 🙂

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