Guest Post by Amber Young – The Importance of Compassion

I’ve decided recently to feature some guests here on my blog to showcase some other people’s troubles with mental health. Here we have Amber Young who talks about how important compassion is in the healthcare service. Please check out her blog by clicking here for more.


The most important thing to me when I go to treatment for my mental illness is how my doctor or therapist treats me; how they act towards me and what they say. Bedside manner, we’ll call it. If my doctor is dismissive of my concerns, or speaks in a way that lacks sympathy/empathy, I get nothing out of the visit. I feel judged. I feel like I should be ashamed of who I am. If, on the other hand, my doctor is kind, caring and concerned, making every effort to listen and encourage, that’s a whole other ballgame.

Compassion in the field of healthcare, especially mental health, is essential for treatment of the patient to be successful. You’re going to get nowhere fast if you stick with a physician whose demeanor, actions and words have a negative influence on you. So what are some of the reasons compassion is so important to those suffering mental health issues?

Being positive towards the patient can help them become more positive in their own lives. When you treat someone well, they reciprocate this towards you and others. Treating mental health sufferers just like you would anyone else also helps them feel human. Sometimes, those of us with disorders feel alien in the environment we’re in (not UFO alien, just… strange). Put us at ease, treat us like you do everyone else, and we feel more comfortable.

Kindness and compassion encourages patients to develop relationships and social skills. When you have trouble talking or socializing due to fears brought on by your mental illness, the last thing you need is negative interaction with people. Show us that you care, that it’s okay to speak our minds, and we’ll feel better about socializing and making friends. When you have a positive view of people, you want to get to know them more. Negative interactions discourage this.

Compassion improves a patient’s mental health through positive reinforcement. Let us know that it’s okay to be who we are, that it’s not abnormal for us to be this way. Reinforce that having a disorder doesn’t mean we won’t be able to live health, fulfilling lives. Be ready to give good examples of mental health sufferers that have lead fulfilling lives; maybe someone you know or a former patient (without giving too many details, of course). Congratulate us on even the littlest of accomplishments and improvements. It makes all the difference.

Finding the right healthcare provider can be difficult, especially when it comes to therapy, but don’t give up hope. It’s so very worth it to find the right physician for you, the one that will display the compassion and kindness you need. I hope that all those suffering mental health issues can find the care and guidance they need. Compassion can heal even the deepest wounds.

8 thoughts on “Guest Post by Amber Young – The Importance of Compassion

  1. lizziecarver says:

    Modelling compassion towards clients is so important – especially if they are to develop self-compassion. Stepping out of the cycle of feeling bad and then beating ourselves up is a first and very important move towards taking loving care of ourselves.

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  2. loveforlife says:

    Thank you for sharing this! In a world where mental health is so stigmatized and often hid from, the more people talking the better. xx. loveforlife.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. lifeofmiblog says:

    Love this post, it is written in a very appealing way that even as a sufferer I am touched. You have done a great job in picking your guests…keep it up

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  4. Merryn says:

    I couldn’t agree more. It reminds me of my own doctor – I chose to change doctors and see him for medical/ mental health issues that mattered because he made me feel valued and always focussed on the milestones I was achieving, rather than the huge journey ahead. I can thank him for helping me when I hit rock bottom with Post natal depression.


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