New home, another new start


Me and my boyfriend moved into our new flat yesterday. A friend of mine is living with us too but she’s not joining us for another couple of months.

Everything about moving is exciting to me – I know a lot of people find it a complete drag, but for me it’s like a clean slate; so I’m excited anyway! Plus it’s the first time my boyfriend and I have lived together.

Anyway I still don’t have Wifi for the time being and so I won’t be posting much still for the time being – but I will be doing some new pieces of art so you’ll have some pretty (hopefully) images to see when I return properly! I also have another fantastic guest post lined up for tomorrow!

Have a lovely day, and enjoy the sun if you’re in England! 🌞

12 thoughts on “New home, another new start

  1. lydiaa1614 says:

    Congratulations! We are contemplating selling and buying a house in the country but unfortunately I don’t share your excitement for moving. My chronic pain, bipolar and OCD kick in and the thought of change (and all that work) overwhelm me. But I am going to keep your attitude in mind and see if I can’t turn things around! 😀

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  2. Emily Lane says:

    Congratulations Lauren! I think moving is exciting too. But of course, lots of give and take when you move in with a boyfriend. Compromise is key! (I did it as well, and now my “boyfriend” from 1980 has been my husband for 35 years.). Much happiness to you!

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  3. proudmummabear says:

    ‘Compromise is key’ as Emily says! I’m sure Nathan understands that means him!! Haha Not sure I find you moving that exciting, just flipping hard work!! Proud of you, missing you tons xx

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  4. lifeofmiblog says:

    Hope it works for you. I too am a bad mover, hate it. Love travel but don’t like changing residents unless it involves moving vast distances, if it doesn’t it just seems a lot of work 😎
    Take care


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