Encouraging Thunder & Leibster

I was nominated for The Encouraging Thunder Award back in May by Gentle Kindness & then today the lovely Kara from Simply Kara  nominated me for the Leibster Award. Thanks guys!

So here we’re going to do them both in one go – it’s a great opportunity for me to share some of my favourite bloggers with you all – please check them out.

Nominees for The Encouraging Thunder Award:

Life of mi blog

The Other Side of P

Jenny Marie

Lizzie Carver

Simply Kara

The Rules:

  1. Post it on your blog.
  2. Grant other bloggers the award.

What you cannot do:

  1. Abuse or misuse the logo.
  2. Claim that it is your own handmade logo.

What you should do after receiving the Encouraging Thunder Award:

  1. Enjoy the award!
  2. At least give thanks via comments, likes and/or mentioning the blog that you received the award from.
  3. Mention your purpose in blogging.

Please read the main reasons I love blogging by clicking here.


1. Thank the nominator 2. Display award in post 3. Nominate 10 other bloggers 4. Answer the 10 questions that your nominator has given you

Nominees for The Leibster Award:

The Anxiety Bug

Lola Gayle


David Susman

Lost to the Dark

My OCD Voice

Gentle Kindness

Illness Adaptation

The Pretty Little Sparrow 

DIY Shopaholic

Questions for nominees:

1. What’s your favourite thing about blogging? 2. Do you have any regrets in life? 3. What are you most looking forward to at the moment? 4. Have you ever cried with happiness, if so, when? 5. What’s your favourite song? 6. What are your bad habits? 7. What is your favourite thing about yourself? 8. What do you think others would say your best quality is? 9. Have you got any tattoos, if so, what and where? 10. Tell us something not many people know about you.

Questions for me set by Simply Kara:

1. What was the reason for starting your blog?

My blog was started as an outlet to get rid of all my negative thoughts, but it’s definitely evolved into much more than that. Now it’s about connecting with others as well, because it’s much easier not to be in this alone.

2. What was the last thing you ate?

Parma ham & poached egg on toast with Hollandaise.

3. Have you read any books lately? If so what have you read?

I haven’t – The Alchemist is next on my list though.

4. What is your favourite trend?

In terms of clothing; aztec or anything Native American based.

5. If you could be any Disney character who would you be and why?

Belle. Because, well – she’s Belle. I’m a princess girl and she’s the most intelligent and driven.


6. What do you think is the hardest part about living in 2015?

I think technology can make us more anxious sometimes; it can create fears that wouldn’t have been there without it.

7. If you had to pick only one music artist to listen to for the rest of your life, who would it be?

At the moment, First Aid Kit. They’re a stunning Swedish band.

8. What is your food weakness?


9. Are you a night owl or early bird?

Night owl definitely – mornings are not my friends. I always envy people that can get up at the crack of dawn and make the most of the day.

10. If you had the opportunity to go back and relive one day of your life, what day would you choose?

I would go back to being thirteen when all of my mental health issues started, and try and rewrite some of things that happened/deal with them faster.

11 thoughts on “Encouraging Thunder & Leibster

  1. lizziecarver says:

    Lauren, thank you so much for the Encouraging Thunder award – I’m especially thrilled as I am fairly new to blogging 🙂
    My main purpose in blogging is to share and communicate some of the strategies that have helped me, and that now help my clients. I am by nature an introvert but I am really enjoying the sense of community that blogging can bring.
    Chuffed to bits! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jennymarie4 says:

    Thank you so much Lauren! I’m really excited you nominated me for the Encouraging Thunder award! When I started my blog a couple months ago, I wasn’t sure if anyone would ever read my posts. But I wanted to get the message out there that if you have anxiety, panic attacks, or any mental illness, that you are not alone. Now I see that there’s a whole, wonderful community here, offering support. I’m so grateful and thankful for that. Thanks again for the nomination! I love your blog, and you are an inspiration 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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