10 Reasons to Live

I’ve just spent the last two hours trying to convince a friend of mine not to end her life. Everything for her recently has genuinely resembled hell, and honestly I don’t think a single person could judge her for her thoughts right now.

But the problem is, this girl is one of my favourite people on the planet and she adds colour and light into everything that she does or any place that she goes.

In a cruel and ironic twist of fate, she regulary reads through my blog to check out how I’m doing and coping; so right now I’ve decided to write a list of all the amazing things that make her her. So stop, read them, and be excited to live – and yes I’m talking to you, you beautiful nut job…


1. You are the most generous person I know. You will do absolutely anything for anyone else and go above and beyond to make sure the people you love are happy. No matter the time of day, if I need you, you’re truly always there.

2. You have more love to offer than Cupid; you rise with love above everyone else. The fall may inevitably be harder and longer, but your ability and capacity for love will one day make you the happiest person in the world.

3. You have more passions and hobbies than all of the rest of my friends combined. You can find joy in anything and in turn joy finds you and the people around you.

4. You make every single one of your friends feel like they’re the most important person in the world when they need you. If you’d only apply some of that theory to yourself and recognise that you’re also important, the weight you hold would become so much lighter. You have so many people around you that are willing and desperately trying to return the favour; if you’d just say ‘yes’ once in a while.

5. You’re confident enough to be yourself 100% no matter what; with no make up on and air-dried hair and you feel as beautiful as can be. You don’t listen to your words before they come out of your mouth; you don’t hold back for anybody. You don’t ever feel the need to hide or be ashamed of who you are, and of course you’re right because you’re lovely inside and out, but that level of confidence is rare and it could take you a long way if you’d just let it.

6. You’re honest, to-the-point and fair; which is unusually refreshing and I wholeheartedly admire you for it. You hate to hurt people, but if something needs to be said, you say it. I’ve definitely heard a few hard truths from you in the past but I’ve definitely also been saved by you on numerous occasions in the past.

7. I have belly-laughed with you so many times both as a child (budum psssshhh!) and now as an adult. You have an amazing ability to forget everything the world has dealt you for a short while and live life again for a moment how it once was, and that makes you stronger than you’ll ever know. Your strength and resiliance has surprised me beyond belief over this last few years; I just wish you could see it.

8. You’re sentimental and appreciate the small non-materialistic things in life. You love my creativity and my  knack of making handmade presents (you’re probably the only person in the world who does!), and you treasure those gifts more than the treasure made of gold.

9. You love life. Which seems silly considering the reason for this list. But you appreciate life more than anyone else I know. You grab opportunities, you seize the moment and you do what you want to do when you want to do it. You don’t wait around for ‘a better time’ or make excuses as to why something can’t be done; you find a way, and I envy you for that every day.

10. You can be anything you want to be. You have the ability to take the world for yourself or change the world for others – which ever you decide. You’re talented, brave and have a thirst for life and learning which you shouldn’t lose sight of. You have so many fantastic times ahead of you no matter where you decide to go and who you decide to be. Stay with us por favor, not for me, but because you’re too valuable for the world to lose.

I could go on…

I love you, M.

47 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Live

  1. lifeofmiblog says:

    Whoever you are Lauren is right, what you are and what you know through experience is priceless and only you know it. It wouldn’t just be a life lost it would be an enormous repository of valuable information needed by the rest of us…hang in there!

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  2. jennymarie4 says:

    Wow, your friend sounds like an amazing person, someone who really brightens people’s lives. And you, Lauren, are an amazing person, being there for your friend and helping her to see how valuable she is. It’s heartwarming to witness the true value of friendship.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Salvageable says:

    As others have already written, you two are both amazing people. Lauren, please keep us posted. Lauren’s friend, I know that you hurt right now and that your life feels empty, but the world would be a poorer place without you. You are contributing in ways you don’t even realize. Please don’t let the emptiness win. (And yes, I’ve been there, I know how it feels!) J.

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  4. technicolourbrain says:

    This is beautiful. I’m sure your friend would be very touched. You must be really close. The world is not always a dark place. Even dark buildings have cracks where the light shines through. I wish your friend the best recovery and life possible.

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  5. Leslie says:

    Lauren’s friend, you truly sound like an amazing person to me. I know that sometimes things just seem too hard, but, coming through that is what makes life worth living.


  6. Styled2z says:

    I have been on your end of it Lauren and this is a great way to remind her how truly amazing of a person she is. If your friend is reading this, please know that you’re worthy of every kind word, smile, and compliment. Your life has inspired your friend and that is truly amazing. Keep on keeping on.

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  7. patternsofsouldevelopment says:

    You have always made us trust you and your judgment, Lauren, so, you just saying all these highly appreciative things about your friend make it sound the more valid. Your friend should also know that there are all those things in the world out there needing, waiting to be done in an unique way that only your friend here knows how to and why. If she choses to go, the world will be one more time less adjusted than it could be if your friend chooses to stay and do the things she must do in her unique, irreplaceable way.


  8. proudmummabear says:

    Well said baby girl. And M, please take note. You are an amazing, special person who is always thinking of others, even when your days are darkest. She is smiling and loving watching you live your life, and you need to keep looking forward, knowing that your beautiful butterfly is with you always. You send strength to Lauren when she needs it, so please accept hers, and mine, and remember we are here for you xx

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  9. Stephanie says:

    I understand how she must be feeling. But there is so much more to life. I am here today living merely by the grace of God. In November of 2013 i tried to take my life. Held a gun to my head. Counted to 3. At 3 I pulled the trigger. I didn’t know the safety was on. I was saved only by God. Please tell your precious friend that I’m praying for her. Life is so worth it. Much love to her.

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  10. Farah says:

    This is a wonderful post – it made me smile – and your friend sounds so special. To your friend, I hope things look up for you soon. Light is always at the end of the tunnel x

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  11. patternsofsouldevelopment says:

    I dare hope, Lauren, that your friend teads this blog and all these comments; that you will announce us the good news: your friend has finally understood how precious life is, and how she us precious for some day she just stepped into it with all the future experiences and probabilities, all those things waiting to be lived, waiting for her and no one else but her

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  12. Teresa says:

    This is beautiful. You also made me think of all the beauty in this world, dispite our negative thoughts, at times. I hope your friend is doing better. I send my love to her!

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  13. gingersnap74 says:

    You are a wonderful friend! I have been where you are and we are sent to be with those that need us. It sounds like you have come up with a wonderful way to prove to your friend that she needs to be here. Good for you for not judging. People that go through the roughest patches need to know they are loved unconditionally! You are a gem! Hugs!


  14. migrainepuzzlepieces says:

    Hang in there Lauren’s friend. You will be dearly missed if you’re gone. Lauren and the rest of your friends/family need the beautiful and honest person you are. Their hearts will mourn without you. Hang in there.

    Lovely post Lauren.

    – Skylar

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  15. booguloo says:

    When we look into mirror we always see our reverse reflection. We have to make sure that the people looking in the mirror knows what the real person looks like. It maybe simplified, but it’s a door opener to get at the issues.


  16. tracihalpin says:

    This is beautiful! I hope your friend is ok. I know it sucks being stuck in that moment and you think life will never get better, but somehow it does. The sun shines again.


  17. janetcate says:

    This was a great act of friendship. Sometimes we do get lost in the hell and lose perspective of our gifts. Glad you were able to do this for your friend. Definitely a nice relationship to have .


  18. davidrothbauer says:

    Thank you for sharing.
    I found this from your like on my blog entry on stigma.
    I read this and wondered what I would’ve said to my friend given the opportunity….
    Right now, I simply don’t know…..hindsight can be blind…


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