Interesting & Positive

Interesting and positive are the two words that most sum up today for me.

I had a meeting with Together We Can this morning; an organisation in Leeds that are looking to improve the mental health services in the area. The organisation are on the verge of doing some really exciting and helpful things for Leeds and make the services and options for mental health sufferers a lot better; so I’m excited and honoured to be involved and apart of it all. I will update you as and when developments on the project are made.

And then, I met Roxanne, who left me a few messages including these two on her trip around Leeds spreading positivity. Check out her facebook page to see her work and what she’s all about!


Interesting and positive.

12 thoughts on “Interesting & Positive

  1. David M Zuhars says:

    That’s great! Your whole world will start to change when you put out positive energy. It’s the Law of Attraction – positive attracts positive.


  2. theresa1122 says:

    How wonderful! I have often thought about getting involved with others that suffer in some of the same ways that I do. Helping others always makes me feel good. Great job! 🙂


  3. tracihalpin says:

    Lauren that’s so great that you are working with these organizations. I am an advocate for mental health too. I went back to my college to speak to the student body about depression and suicide. I had attempted to take my life with pills in my senior year. I shared my story with them and one student said he never realized how prevalent depression is. I was surprised to hear that. Keep up the good work and thanks for finding my blog and liking my post!


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