Feardom Fighters

Yesterday I met up with someone who is doing something pretty awesome for us anxiety sufferers in Leeds after having suffered with anxiety herself; and so I wanted to share with you all Kathryn’s project – Feardom Fighters.


Feardom Fighters is of the firm belief that everyone suffering with anxiety should be able to access the support and services that they need. And what’s really cool, is on World Mental Health Day 2015 (October 10th), the Feardom Fighters are putting on an event to encourage you to become a Feardom Fighter yourself and grab the information they’re offering with both hands to help aid your recovery.


The #FeardomFestival will feature workshops, speakers and lots more! There will be places to go and relax and also places to express yourself through various mediums. You will learn strategies on how to cope with anxiety, and learn different techniques of how to effectively manage it.

Most importantly though, you will be around other Feardom Fighters that have years of experience to share, tips to dish out and understanding of what you’re going through.

feardom fighter

It’s going to be a fantastic event and I would highly recommend you follow Feardom Fighters on twitter, whether you’re able to attend the event or not. Kathryn shares lots of tips and videos on the twitter page and so it’s well worth checking out regardless!

You can also sign up for email updates by clicking here.

I’ll be working alongside Kathryn on this event to try to make the event as accessible and comfortable for everyone as possible – being someone who finds a lot of different situations and venues difficult because of my anxiety.

It’s a really exciting thing to be apart of, and when a full itinerary of the day is available, I’ll make sure to let you guys know!

21 thoughts on “Feardom Fighters

  1. jennymarie4 says:

    What a great organization and event! Too bad it’s so far away for me. I’ll follow them on their website. I don’t have a twitter account… Been thinking maybe I should!


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