Suggestions Welcome – Feardom Fighters

Recently, I let you all know about the Feardom Fighters who are:

empowering people to make their unspoken fears spoken and helping them access strategies to face and take control of their fears
– Feardom Fighters, 2015

You can see my full post by clicking here.

So many of you reacted well to the idea and reblogged my post which I’m so happy about – the more people we can reach with this movement the better.

Feardom Fighter‘s #FeardomFestival will take place this coming October and feature guest speakers, workshops and much more, to help inform people and hopefully give them techniques to manage their anxiety. I briefly mentioned in my previous post that I will be working alongside Kathryn – the founder of  #FeardomFestival – to ensure it is as accessible and comfortable for people suffering with anxiety as possible.

For example, I suggested that during the talks that will be taking place, the rows of chairs have enough space between them so that anybody can easily exit at any point. I personally don’t like feeling stuck and would always choose an end-seat – but if everybody requires an end-seat at the event, this poses a problem!

So firstly, do you have any further suggestions on this? If you were going to attend this event, what would make you feel more comfortable? This can be things pre-event such as specific information on the website and social media, or suggestions like my own at the event itself. There are no silly answers and we want to hear them all!

Please either comment with your ideas or email me at


The building itself is three-storey, with ground level being the second-storey (and so you have the option to either go downstairs or up), and there are lots of little rooms going off the main space as well.

This big space with different rooms also allows for many different activities on the day. A few of the current ideas right now are:

  • Creative workshops
  • Meditation
  • A calm zone

…and again, your suggestions are welcome! Kathryn is very dedicated to make sure people actually get something useful out of this event and come away feeling as though it was well-worth attending. Therefore, if you have any ideas on other activities or anything else you think could be useful to yourself if you were to attend, please let me know.

Also, if you particularly like any of the suggestions listed already let me know, as if something gets a positive response we can ensure it’s definitely put into place!

Again, please either comment suggestions on here, or email me at

I look forward to your thoughts!

40 thoughts on “Suggestions Welcome – Feardom Fighters

  1. itsgoodtobecrazysometimes says:

    For me personally, something like a calm room but with no one else in it, leaflets and other things pointing me in the right direction for help in the local area. Or support groups

    I do like the leaving enough space by the chairs as I can’t stand being hemmed in. I shall keep thinking, as the main thing for me would be no one else there and it being inside my house, but that is a personal and an impractical suggestion 😉


  2. lizziecarver says:

    If there was a little room for someone to offer Reiki that could provide another way to find calm. I have offered Reiki to very anxious people with them sitting (rather than lying on their backs, feeling like a stranded beetle) and making sure that they have a clear path to the door if they should need to flee (nobody ever has made a break for freedom!).


    • bylaurenhayley says:

      Thanks, Lizzie! I’ll pass your suggestions on. I’ve never tried Reiki! You’re not on Skype are you? Haha you have so many expertise in things I need!! And you’re right, as long as the options there they most likely won’t need it. I always need a bottle of water with me and if I don’t have it I panic, but yet most days when I get home my bottle is still full. As long as the options there you feel comfortable!

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  3. Leslie says:

    Find a way to make sure that finding what people want is easy. For instance – clear handouts – detailed, highly visible signage.

    I LOVE the idea of having enough space within the rows of chairs to make escape possible and even easy. I am an end seat seeker myself and would rather stand in the back of the room, if easy escape doesn’t look possible.

    I wish I lived over there. This sounds like a great idea to me


  4. bylaurenhayley says:

    Yep I agree with that idea! Again, I’ll pass it over. The last thing people want to be doing is weaving in and out of different rooms trying to find what they’re looking for. I wonder if we can put some sort of floorplan on the website pre-event also to show people where different things are.

    Yeah exactly, that’s how I am! I haven’t been to the building yet (I will be going soon!), but I’m assured that there are many exits and fire doors throughout as it used to be a nightclub. So hopefully a door will be in sight wherever you are!

    It’s a shame you’re not.You should have a little Google to see if you can find something similar. If you haven’t already, I would follow @FeardomFighters on twitter and/or subscribe to them on youtube as they share many useful tips/videos on there.

    & hopefully as you’ve said before, we’ll be able to get a lot of the speaker’s talks up online after for you too 🙂

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  5. GMPAQ says:

    I think a space to hide in would be good. Maybe with some sensory stuff? Nothing elaborate a few gilliter lamps or rope lights fairy lights etc. Some beanbags fleecy blankets fun fur etc. And don’t forget the teddy bears!


  6. Damaged But Trudging says:

    Hi. I don’t know the venue of course, but if each activitie could be limited in size, that might be helpful. I know that I feel much more comfortable when going to an event that there will be 20 or 30 people as opposed to 150. That was one of the main reasons I could not finish my college degree at the big university I attended for a year. I couldn’t handle classes with 300 other students. I ended up getting my degree at a small college with a class of 20. I don’t know if limited the size is possible, but if the big room could be broken up into smaller spaces with easily accessible escape routes, then folks may feel more comfortable.

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  7. jennymarie4 says:

    The first thing I thought of was I’d like to know where the bathrooms are. Is there at least one on every floor? That used to be one of my escapes. Also, maybe the volunteers for Freedom Fighters can all be wearing the same color shirt. That way, if someone needs something, they’d be easy to spot. And about the chairs… I agree about leaving enough space between rows to make it easier to get out. I also don’t like sitting in the middle. Not sure if this would work logistically…. but, instead of really long rows (say 30 chairs in a row), could they put 5 in a row, then skip a chair, like for an aisle, then 5 more, skip, etc. Then, still not everyone could be on the end. But it’d feel more like you’re close to an end, with the aisle always near by. Hope that makes sense.

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    • bylaurenhayley says:

      I’m not sure about the bathroom locations to be honest Jenny, but I can definitely make sure they’re clearly signposted – and I’m sure the tshirts for volunteers wouldn’t be a problem. I think it’s a great idea what you said about having shorter rows. When I asked if it was possible to leave gaps inbetween the rows I was told it was a big space, so that shouldn’t be an issue either! 🙂

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    • bylaurenhayley says:

      Hi Courteney, I have been but I still very much appreciate it! I’m unaware of if they’ve already received a Leibster or not, but I came across a fantastic blog recently from Mark at Hope Rise & Shine. He’s doing some fantastic work to hopefully implement support groups in all communities throughout the country. He’s a lovely man and if you’re wanting to pass my award over to someone else, I suggest it be him 🙂 Thank you again and you have a great day also. Here’s Mark’s blog –


  8. tracihalpin says:

    I love the idea of space between the chairs. I always feel anxious when chairs are too close together. I’m thinking about the noise level. Noises are sometimes hard to filter out. Also maybe have examples of a how the day will unfold. You can put that on your site. Also it would be helpful for the guests to know about food availability and times they can eat. Last have tables etc clearly labeled. Hope this helps.
    Traci 😊


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