I know what to write about!

For the longest time now I’ve really wanted to write a book. At the start of every new year when the clock strikes twelve, I think ‘This is it. This is the year I’ll finally do it‘, but I struggle for ideas or somebody else gets there first with the ideas I do have.

It’s really important to me that I write something that people actually want to read. It’s been such a long time coming that if I’m going to do it, I really want to do it properly and make a success of it. I only ever dream big. I don’t see the point in starting something if it’s only going to be mediocre.

I want to be proud of what I do, and write about something that matters to me. I want to make a little bit of a difference in people’s lives, which I hope I also sometimes manage to do here on my blog. Those wishes are quite a tall order though, so year after year I sit here thinking ‘nope, still not good enough‘.

But now, finally, I think I’ve got it. I think I know what I want to write about.

I don’t want to reveal too much as of yet. But what I will say is that it will be mental health based, very personal to me featuring never seen diary entries from my childhood, uplifting and hopefully appealing to many of you on your journeys.

After my bad day yesterday, I really needed some excitement – although I do have to admit, I’m pretty sure the bad day gave me the inspiration, so I guess I should be thankful.

52 thoughts on “I know what to write about!

  1. spykeyone says:

    Know exactly what you mean. Felt the same way myself but have finally started after having a brain wave and am now 8k words in and halfway through chapter 4. Getting loads of great feedback too. Here’s a tip. Join http://www.scribophile.com – it’s purely for writers both wannabe and published and is an absolutely brilliant resource. You get to meet other people in exactly the same boat and can critique and be critiqued with no fear of plagiarism! I can’t recommend it enough. Carl.

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      • spykeyone says:

        If you join you can read it! (Well, the first two chapters anyway. You have to earn ‘Karma’ points by critiquing other peoples work before you can post your own. This is a brilliant way to work though. When you see things in others pieces (and recommend changes) then you quickly learn to spot them in your own and start writing better really quickly! I’m going to blog about this now – thanks for the inspiration! 😉

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  2. JUNO's VIEW says:

    I really like how you have a long standing wish and it can also be inspired by the experience of a bad day. In my experience writing a book comes out of a strong passion for a subject and genuine knowledge and experience. If your blog is anything to go by you have both in abundance. Then be clear about who you are writing for, and the messages you want to put out into the world. Best wishes.

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  3. journeyforeveryone says:

    You go for it! Only just found your blog, and had a read through. You’re a strong person, if you ever need any help with some of the things you are going through, I am more than willing to help if possible. cjones@suej.co.uk. Good luck with everything!


  4. balletandboxing says:

    Amazing!!!! I know how frustrating that feeling of WANTING to write but not having a message can be… I’ve been dealing with it for the past 12 months.

    Best of luck! I look forward to following your book’s journey!


  5. theresa1122 says:

    How wonderful! I know your blog and your comments to mine have definitely helped me and made a difference. I can’t wait to be in line to purchase your book. Happy writing, Lauren! 😀


  6. therabbitholez says:

    Go for it and good luck, you give so much in your research to help others, to this this for yourself will be such a huge boost to your journey to living the life you want.

    Take care 🙂


  7. tracihalpin says:

    That’s awesome! I too have been wanting to write a book. I figure blogging is a good way to start. I found this great book called How to Blog a Book. It is very helpful and full of easy to read info.
    I can see you being a successful author bc you are now!


  8. Aggi says:

    Congrats on finding your idea! I’m still searching for mine but now that I know someone else was searching and found their inspiration, I know it’s possible. Good luck with everything and hope it all works out for you!! 🙂


    • bylaurenhayley says:

      That’s a shame. You should try and pick it up again. Some time away will have probably given you some perspective when you go back to it, where you either see and recognise the critisms, or you still like it, ignore them and continue doing your thing!


  9. jennymarie4 says:

    I’m excited for you! You’re a wonderful writer and relate to your readers so well. I was always told to write what I’m passionate about. That’s what you’re doing, and it’s going to be great!

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  10. Sandra Yeaman says:

    Here’s another resource for when you get started – http://www.critiquecircle.com. I’ve just signed up myself and look forward to getting more experience providing positive and constructive suggestions in the hope I’ll get the same type of critiques of my own work. I also take part in a small writers circle with two other women. We meet twice a month to share our work, provide critiques to one another, and generally just hang out. I am a much better writer as a result of the experience. If you can find two or three other writers you trust and can support, I heartily recommend that option as well.


  11. Salvageable says:

    Your forthcoming book is great news! Good luck, and don’t give up–remember, the real inspiration comes to you on the “bad days,” and then when the energy is back, you can write what you have learned. I look forward to seeing the results, and I stand ready to help you any way I can. J.


  12. Under the Guise of Glitter says:

    I’m right with you on that love. I’ve finally started sorting out my thoughts into book form.

    And I offer you my services as a fellow blogger friend but more so editor and thought sorter outer/flow keeper…I’m good at that. I’ve been editing for a few years now and would love to hold your hand through the book world should you need it


  13. Dominique Fox says:

    Congrats on making a decision! I always have the urge to push my writing, my brain and my passion forward and can never seem to get there. Keep at it and trust yourself, your writing and your mind. 🙂


  14. Blake says:

    After reading through some of your posts, I think writing a book about some of your experiences would be wonderful. Your perseverance is amazing and I wish you the best of luck Lauren!


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