Eugh I did it!

After my bad day a couple of days ago, I thought I’d managed to get my anxiety back in order and was back to being confident to leave the house.

However, somehow it managed to show up again yesterday, and again today.

Anxiety is striking me every time I go further than the end of my streetΒ and last night I was unable to go into work to grab the keys for today’s shift.

But today, after much stress (and lots of doubt!), I am at work and have managed to open the shop up on my own. It’s a massive relief, not only for myself as a personal achievement, but also because my boss and colleagueΒ are currently in Barcelona so if I didn’t open the shop, the shop wouldn’t have opened!

So today I am happy, and my anxiety better be expecting more strength to come for tomorrow’s shift!

72 thoughts on “Eugh I did it!

  1. ladycamecu says:

    Good Job! Sometimes things go in an ebb and flow nature, we roll with the punches and our subconscious tells us things we cannot always comprehend that goes deeper than we can see at the time that we have not handled that week,but eventually we will figure it out. I had/ have an event going on like that right now myself. Good work on staring down that ‘bully’ and pushing on!

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  2. tracihalpin says:

    That’s fantastic Lauren! You are so strong and determined. You remind me of me . It’s like we are moving forward despite this damn illness. You are kicking it’s ass!!!

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  3. ImpossibleDreamerKB says:

    I’m glad you’ve managed to show Anxiety who’s boss and congratulation on the achievement, I wish you well in the future πŸ™‚


  4. Summer-Ice world says:

    I think i came here at the perfect time, i’ve been having a series if anxiety pangs lately, and i just took a bold step a few minutes ago to break free, smile, and move on in spite of the fear and anxiety. thanks for sharing this, and thanks for the like too.


  5. anxervousgirl says:

    HI! I don’t know you personally, but you have liked a couple of my posts on anxiety so I decided to check out your site. Congratulations on dealing with your anxiety today! sending you positive vibes that the rest of your day and weekend goes smoothly.


  6. tamingthewolf73 says:

    Well done getting over the hurdle this morning. Dealing with anxiety myself, I know it can be tough to break through it. Someone once described anxiety to me as being “a mile high, a mile wide but paper thin”. The idea of pushing through is daunting, until we get to the other side. Well done – you are not alone πŸ™‚


  7. aspergerblessed says:

    Great job!! Just remember to take 1 minute at a time and celebrate those little victories. As they say “keep your eye on the prize”. In your case, the prize was making it to end of your shift and you did it. Break your day out by hours and then celebrate each victory however you do that……jump up and down….do a fist-pump in the air…..give yourself a high-five…….go to the pub for cold one at the end of your shift……LOL). Look around at all of your friends and supporters here……we are all cheering you on! You are doing awesome! πŸ™‚

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  8. PD Pics says:

    Good luck on getting past it. I know it’s so hard to overcome some days, I spent several days hiding under the duvet when I was supposed to be looking for work recently. Hope you continue πŸ™‚

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  9. infiniteelegance says:

    Congratulations on conquering your anxiety and being able to get to work and function with confidence. Anxiety is so difficult to manage sometimes but you did it this time and the next time it hits you you’ll be able to remember that you can survive it.


  10. celtics345 says:

    I have trouble leaving the house too. Congrads on the job it shows you are doing great. I had a volunteer job for a while but got sick with a bad virus and couldn’t renew my two month contract. I am spending the rest of my summer relaxing and focusing on my writing. After being sick for 7 weeks I think I deserve some time to enjoy life.


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