35 thoughts on “Petition – Please sign

  1. tracihalpin says:

    Wish I could sign it. I’m in USA. It looks like people are responding in a positive way. I do the same thing in my state
    I call senators I sign petitions. Glad you are spreading the word. Good luck.!


  2. lydiaa1614 says:

    I too can’t sign because I am in Canada. But, Lauren, know I support you 100%. We have a lot of problems here as well. I was not given adequate care for a recent serious physical problem because two so-called specialists saw “bipolar” in my file. I lift you and your cause up!


      • lydiaa1614 says:

        I think petitions are a really good idea because they show the numbers of people who need/want change. But I think even our blogs are a good way of educating people because we speak from our hearts. We just have to find ways to get the people who suffer AND the people who don’t understand, to read them. That’s the kicker right there. Before we can educate them to fix the problem, we need to get them to realize there is one! You are going to make a difference Lauren!

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      • bylaurenhayley says:

        Yep I guess you’re right. It’s us that sit here with experience that notice the problem, but if you go through life never having experienced it you may not see that there is one. In the same way many people with rare physical disabilities hate that people like me are so ignorant – but they’ve never been issues that have entered into my life before so it’s difficult to recognise the problem. Thanks, Lydia 🙂 I’ll try!

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  3. Kriswasp says:

    Reblogged this on Kriswasp and commented:
    This is massively important. As someone entering the teaching profession, we should be including this in PSHE sessions. Please read and sign: it is your children’s future at stake.


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