Quote 3

Annie from Gentle Kindness has challenged me to share with you my three favourite quotes. This is super easy for me as I LOVE quotes. So here’s my final one:

Look to the future and be happy in the knowledge that you will make a success of your life – my mumma

OK so yes, my final quote is a bit of a cheat; it’s neither written by someone famous nor is it well-known in the world. But it was written by the most important person to me back in 2007 when I was going through a tough time – and it’s my favourite.

My mum is my biggest supporter and the one person that genuinely thinks I can do or be anything – you’ll see her comment on my posts regularly as ‘proudmummabear’ – she’s the best.

9 thoughts on “Quote 3

  1. Dazrahe says:

    Sometimes the best quotes come from the most modest of places. Now that you’ve shared this quote with us, she’ll be famous and the quote well-known to those who matter (not that this wasn’t already true).

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