All About Me

You can find info about my mental health history here

  1. I study Events Management at Leeds Beckett University – and no, that doesn’t mean I just plan parties for my degree. Click here to see why!
  2. My mum is the most important person in the world.
  3. If you’d have asked me a few months ago, I’d have said Coke and Tea were my weaknesses. But I’m three months caffeine free – so it’s now decaf tea and a switch to Sprite… I’m getting used to it!
  4. Painting and writing clears my head like nothing else can.
  5. Balloons freak me out and I can’t eat anywhere near them or touch them.
  6. I can count my best friends on one hand. There are very few people I trust with anything and know they’ll be there no matter what.
  7. I have a boyfriend, Nathan that means the absolute world to me.
  8. I have Borderline Personality Disorder, Cyclothymia and Agoraphobia.
  9. It took me eight years to get a diagnosis of my BPD and Cyclothymia; I was very close to giving up on ever finding out what was going on inside my head, but I finally paid for a private assessment when I waited in the middle of a dual carriage way one night waiting for a car to wipe me out.
  10. My dream growing up was to be an interior designer on the TV programme, Changing Rooms. Because I liked decorating and I liked TV – perfect!
  11. I don’t have a favourite colour. I like dark wintery colours like navy, burgundy and dark greens.
  12. The only music genres I don’t really listen to are heavy metal and drum and bass. My playlist on my laptop consists mainly of cheesy pop, rock, indie, hip hop, country and Beethoven’s my guy when I’m doing work.
  13. I’m a complete nightmare at watching any kind of scary film/gore. If anybody’s getting stabbed, I aint watching it. It gives me anxiety attacks.
  14. My worst fears are not being able to breathe or being out of control, and they’ve been the route of my eating disorder in the past and also the reason I suffer with Agoraphobia.
  15. I carry a bottle of water with me everywhere as it calms me down if I begin to panic.
  16. I watched nine Grey’s Anatomy series in 3 months. I’m completely and utterly addicted.
  17. When I’m manic, the first thing I do is write business plans. I write about ten a year.
  18. I’m incredibly organised. There’s nothing like the feeling of crossing something off a list – sad I know!
  19. I can’t draw anywhere near as well as I can paint.
  20. Leeds is my home now. I smile every time I go past those two awful apartment blocks and I know I’m home.
  21. The only time I enjoy snow is if I’m sat in a pub with a glass of red wine and a log fire.
  22. I went to Canada for six months when I was eighteen to live with family I didn’t know.
  23. I’m incredibly sarcastic. Most people will tell you that if I insult you, I probably like you. Don’t be insulted please, it’s an incredibly British sense of humour.
  24. I spend what ever money I have. It’s a problem.
  25. I love my friends more than anything but I’m not always a good friend back. When I’m having a bad couple of weeks the first thing I do is shut them out and stop answering their calls/texts.
  26. All my dreams in life focus around creativity – design, art, writing.
  27. When I went to Canada I was in the middle of an eating disorder. When I left England I weighed 7 stone. When I returned six months later I was 9 stone.
  28. Many members of my family were either adopted or fostered, including my mum. Blood doesn’t determine who your family is.
  29. I’m studying for a diploma in Mindfulness alongside my degree. Mindfulness is one of the main components of DBT which is commonly used to treat Borderline Personality Disorder.
  30. Maths is my biggest weakness. I use my calculator for the simplest equations. I just can’t get better no matter how hard I try.
  31. I was a cheerleader for a year which I loved, but I don’t really do any other sports. I’ve never enjoyed any others.
  32. There’s nothing I enjoy more than sitting in a beer garden on a hot day.
  33. My biggest goal is to run a music event centered on mental health awareness (not giving you any more info on that yet!)
  34. I change my hair colour a lot and I don’t really have a style. Today I have long brown hair, tshirt and ripped jeans on, tomorrow I’ll have short blonde hair with a pink skirt and a flowy top.
  35. I failed my AS levels and dropped out half way through my second year of sixth form. Therefore, I’m two years behind at uni.
  36. The feeling of an event coming together and knowing that I’ve done that is the greatest feeling to me.
  37. Events Management was a complete mistake. I wanted to study Journalism and went to an Open Day in London with a friend that wanted to do Events. We both went to both of the talks  and I changed my mind.
  38. Leeds was also a mistake. I was completely set on studying in Liverpool, but I met a girl at the Liverpool open day who said she really liked Leeds.
  39. I once pitched an event idea to the Head of Ceremonies London 2012 Olympics, Martin Green.
  40. When I was fifteen I had a panic attack at least once a day for a couple of months.
  41. When I’m interested in something I’m completely obsessed or I lose interest. I go to the gym every single day for three months, and then don’t go for six months. Finding a balance is not my forte.
  42. I really want to go to Bali, California, Nashville, New York and Africa.
  43. I wish I wasn’t scared of so much. It makes life so much harder.
  44. I love the idea of Freecycling. I’m addicted to DIY and making not-so-pretty things look pretty.
  45. I hate velvet. I’m a 90s kid and it just brings back awful memories.
  46. Anything that hangs from the ceiling is amazing to me. You need to dress an entire room.
  47. I’m not very good at designing any art or event that I wouldn’t want myself. If I wouldn’t be happy looking at it every day in my living room or on the most important day of my life – I’m not going to make you pay for it.
  48. I have a labradoodle called Charlie who is my number one guy.
  49. I have a crush on Mark Rufallo. Which my boyfriend says is weird.
  50. My friends that know me from school all call me Loz. No one else does.

209 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. booguloo says:

    I’m sorry but I couldn’t read all 50. Could you break it down to your favorite 10 or are the first 10 your favorite. I’m sorry my attention span leaves much to be desired. (What does that mean anyway??)


    • 5imon5ez says:

      It is not for her to change her art. It is for you to find a way to appreciate it the best you can.

      I am glad she did not follow your advice. Why decide for the rest of us Booguloo, how much about Lauren, we can learn?

      What it says about you, in the end, is how interested you are, in other people.

      I’m sure my honesty leaves much to be desired too, but I am okay with that, and don’t need to ask you a question at the end, about myself.


      Liked by 3 people

  2. Denise says:

    Wow, even though I am a bit older than you, we are a lot alike. I am being treated for anxiety, I am with you in music and favorite colors…and I would love to learn to paint landscapes.


  3. charlypriest says:

    Hey there Loz 😉 You said you where sarcastic, well you found another blogger with quite and ironic sarcastic dark sense of humour.
    You know that your dog is named like me….that is weird.
    I applaud you for putting out so much info about yourself I guess it makes other people feel like they are not alone, so your basically a humanitarian,you can add that to the list.
    Glad you stumbled upon my crazy little blog.


  4. BP says:

    I enjoyed reading about you! We have a lot in common, even things such as hating velvet and having a crush on Mark Ruffalo. 🙂


  5. princeprolific says:

    I see a great potential in you and that hidden flower will be unfurled for the world to see. Keep reading and hearing the word of faith and a door of light will open to you and you will never be the same again. All things are possible to those who believe and with God all things are possible.
    You have come to the right place. It is great to have you as a follower. And now let follow each other out of the tunnel.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. lazloferran says:

    Wow! I read the whole list and was fascinated. I have OCD so I have a small degree of appreciation of your difficulties but it really looks like you have a fuller set than me. I hadn’t heard of Cyclothymia or DBT so I looked them up.
    I really could do with someone like you around if you write business plans all the time. I really should write one but I never get round to it. Good luck with everything! You really are a very interesting person.


  7. southernbelleoncaffeine says:

    You had me at caffeine and Grey’s Anatomy. We could be soul sisters. I’m glad you checked out my blog. I hope you’ll come back for some more fun. Meredith usually stays in my head since I usually watch at least one episode a day or binge watch on the weekend. Yes, I admit I have a problem. I’m looking forward to reading more 🙂


  8. Nikki Midd says:

    Hey Lauren, it’s been great reading your blog. You are amazing! By the sounds of it, you are also a lot tidier than you were as a child! I remember a glitter incident that happened at yours once! 😂Although I definitely think I probably added to the mess! I remember sending you letters after coming to yours (regarding the glitter incident!)- as if we lived miles away from each other and lot just 2 mins down the road haha!
    I look forward to reading more.


  9. wanderlusterlee says:

    Hi Lauren, I nominated you for an award and then only after – I saw that you already have such an award 😛 but thanks for inspiring me! xx


  10. Sandra Yeaman says:

    I just found a wonderful post about what one young woman (22) who had just moved to New York did to address her depression –

    Oh, and I live in California, I spent four days in Bali in 1977 and LOVED it, worked for a summer in New York which resulted in changing my major and breaking my engagement to a really wonderful guy I thought would anchor me to my hometown instead of traveling the world with me, and have lived and worked in three countries in Africa (your number 42).


  11. avabba says:

    I really enjoy the lightheartedness and sincerity of your blog! I think art in all it’s forms is the rawest expression of the human spirit, and the best key to our emotions, devoid of all social restrictions, ethics and bla bla bla. I started a blog on the relationship between creativity and mental health a month ago and your’s is one of the first blogs I have found that deals with mental health from a critical and artistic perspective! (Most are kind of just rants and victimisations of time spent in therapy, depressions and other in-constructive ways of dealing with issues). I want to blog to fill people with enthusiasm and induce critical though, not to drag them further down the rabbit hole. Your blog does precisely this! I very very much like:-)


  12. Li says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading that for being able to relate to so much, music, painting, bpd, staying with family i never met, eating disorder, carrying water everywhere, organisation and writing lists, dropped out of a levels also but actually 10 years behind at uni as went onto study beauty therapy then work.. starting uni next month, mindfulness, seriously its been lovely and refreshing to find you on here when I’m so new to blogging and looking to make connections. I also created a Facebook page for young people suffering with mental health issues a few years ago so inspired by your music event focussed around mental health 👌🏽 thanks for sharing your story truly inspiring and helpful, keep it up! ✌️


  13. ticktocklifesclock says:

    Hey there. So I’m not sure how I came across your page but it made me tear up a bit. I was always different and trust me… People knew it, so I did too. I would spend hours crying, terrified over the stupidest things, like when my brother (he was 1 I was 11) simply colored in a school book in middle school because I thought I would be in trouble. My parents were always frustrated with me, so I learned to not talk about it. When I was 18 I went to the doctor. Severe generalized anxiety disorder .. lovely. Five or so years later I was taking hours to leave my house because I had to check everything and carry with me anything that could “start a fire”…. OCD was diagnosed next. Then came Borderline…. I don’t have friends really and I have no one that really knows anything (I’ve tried but they “don’t want to talk about it”)…. Anyway…. I think you’re very brave. I feel alone all the time, but maybe I’m not. A lot of your list is me exactly 🙂 right down to never doing anything without a bottle of water. … So thanks…. Sorry if this is too long! I’ve never commented on anything before like this! 🙂


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