Art Portfolio

Here is some of my art work.


Fill it with Happiness – Ink, August 2015


Tools – Watercolour & Ink, July 2015


Key to the Cage – Adobe Illustrator, July 2015


Headdress – Acrylics, July 2015


Charlie Farley – Pencil/Black ink, May 2015


Silhouette – Pencil, March 2015


White Lotus – Acrylics, January 2015


Hope – Acrylics, January 2015


Purple Lilies Canvas – Acrylics, November 2014

flowers cropped

Wine Region Wedding Table Names – Watercolour, September 2014


table no

 Mental Health Awareness Designs – Adobe Illustrator, June 2014

More info about this series can be found here.


Rose – Acrylics, July 2012



53 thoughts on “Art Portfolio

  1. Mercedes Kim says:

    I like all of your art
    Especially the lotus flower

    I hope one day you decide v to write a book about your journey and your art would be included.

    Your spirit and determination will help you to overcome all obstacles.

    Perseverance. Saying yes to whatever brings out the best in you.
    Never taking defeat for an answer.

    As a Christian you remind me of one of my favorite scriptures quotes

    Seek and you shall find
    Knock and the door shall open …


  2. ktdxn says:

    Your art is really stunning but the one I think the mental health awareness one stands out the most. I guess like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words 🙂


  3. Taylor says:

    Lauren, you are talented to say the least. I love that you use art as a healthy outlet that others get to enjoy too. Your blog is also amazing. You are an inspiring person. Thank you for sharing with us. 🙂

    xx Taylor


  4. cadelauren says:

    I am in love with your blog! By the way, I’ve voted for you for the most versatile blog award, check my blog out for the details! Xx


  5. laurietopin says:

    Can I please steal your talent? Please. If you don’t let me, I’ll borrow it without asking. I swear it’s not a threat. No but really, your work is beautiful. Intense. Powerful. And if I had the funds I would totally buy it. Love it.


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