Creativity and Mental Health

For me, creativity is a massive part of expressing my feelings when it comes to my mental health. Creating abstract representations of my disorders or how I feel allows me to release the negative thoughts and create something interesting in the process.


Hope (2015) 

mha designs

Mental Health Awareness Designs (2014)

I draw, paint, write – anything and everything! It’s the most therapeutic thing in the world; I can sit in complete silence and not have one thought pass through my head for hours when I have a paintbrush in my hand.

Does anybody else have any methods to relieve stress and negative feelings?

Mental Health Art

Just under a year ago in June 2014, I created this series of art work. The six images were each designed to depict a different mental illness or the symptoms associated with it; and they also mock some of the negative stigma that go hand-in-hand with suffering from these disorders.

I designed the series in black and red because for me, they’re the two boldest colours that there are. The black represents the illness, isolation, secrets and negativity that we face from the rest of the world; whilst the areas of red represent the glimpse of hope, which no matter how small is brighter and more predominant than the illness.

We need to stop shaking our heads and silently being at war with the uneducated comments we hear; we need to stop making peace with the idea that mental health issues aren’t as high priority as physical illness, and instead – we need to actively stand strong and fight for better.


I hope you like them, to view the rest of my art portfolio, click here.

Ted always delivers… my crafts

20150108_205155So I’ve found a use for my massive Ted Baker box that my new handbag came in. I really didn’t want to throw it out because it’s so much card and it’s a beautiful purple and green that I really like, so I blogged about it the other day trying to find some inspiration!

Anyway, my arts and crafts stuff was in the smallest box and it’s been overflowing for quite some time, so I’ve decided to use my lovely Ted box to sort it all out. It’s going to be so much easier to find what I need now! Here’s a little sneak peek at what’s inside:

  • Glue gun set – Because there’s so many things to glue.
  • Mason jars – Because there’s so many things you can do with them!
  • Acrylic paints – My favourite style of paint for bright, impactful colours.
  • Watercolour paints – Gorgeous for softer-style paintings
  • Pencils – Every type for every type of sketch.
  • Ribbons – In lots of colours!
  • Paper – For each different type of paint.
  • Crayons – Because sometimes I like to pretend I’m a child.
  • Felt-Tip pens – Because sometimes I still like to pretend I’m a child.
  • Modge Podge – The best sealant for crafts.
  • Paint brushes –
  • Glue sticks – That I never use because the glue gun’s too much fun.
  • Crystals – Every girl loves sparkle.
  • Sequins – Because why not?!
  • Sharpies – Because they should be a staple in every single thing you should do.

What to make next?


To Mumma, with love

Just a quick post today.

I had a really good Christmas and Boxing Day today with the family – I’ve been very spoilt as per usual. As mentioned before, my present to my mum was a painting for the kitchen. She redecorated around a year ago so she’s been wanting something to fill a blank wall since; as well as pestering me to paint something.

And as it’s now been Christmas, here you go – I can reveal it. My painting, with Swarovski crystals added (because if there’s one thing my mum can’t resist, it’s sparkle!)


Let me know what you think,

love lauren x

31 Days of BPD

I saw this challenge Kayla Fae‘s blog and instantly decided that it was a brilliant idea.

Borderline Personality Disorder is spoken about much less than depression, bipolar and many other illnesses, however it’s just as distressing and often comes with at least one other diagnosis.

I was actually diagnosed 8 years after I began suffering, one day before BPD awareness month began. However, I missed the boat for that month – so I’m doing my bit now to provide a little more understanding.

All of these questions are linked to characteristics and symptoms of someone that lives with the disorder.

I’ll do Day 1 later on today.

  • Day 1: Think of the last time you were really angry. Why was that?
  • Day 2: Why did your last friendship end?
  • Day 3: Do you self-harm? If yes, how?
  • Day 4: Have you ever attempted suicide?
  • Day 5: Have you ever written a suicide note?
  • Day 6: How’s your love life?
  • Day 7: Have you ever dissociated? If so, how often?
  • Day 8: Do you have any other diagnoses? Which ones?
  • Day 9: Do you get mood swings?
  • Day 10: What kind of impulsive decisions have you made?
  • Day 11: Is there anything you do that helps keep you grounded?
  • Day 12: What’s your relationship with your family?
  • Day 13: Are you a perfectionist?
  • Day 14: Do you ever become obsessive?
  • Day 15: Have you ever changed your opinions, depending on the people you are with?
  • Day 16: Does your style (clothing, hair, etc.) change a lot?
  • Day 17: What are five of your biggest fears?
  • Day 18: Do you worry what people think of you?
  • Day 19: What are some lyrics that describe what you’re going through right now?
  • Day 20: How do you usually express yourself?
  • Day 21: How many people know about your diagnosis?
  • Day 22: What’s a random story from your childhood?
  • Day 23: How do you think other people see you?
  • Day 24: If you could pick one year of your life to give back and start over, which one would it be?
  • Day 25: What’s one thing you wish non-borderlines could understand?
  • Day 26: Name three fictional characters you relate to.
  • Day 27: Do you have any bad habits?
  • Day 28: Do you consider yourself high-functioning or low-functioning?
  • Day 29: If your mind was a house, what would the house look like?
  • Day 30: What is your “safe place” when you are upset? (This can also be a person.)
  • Day 31: Post a picture of yourself and tell us your story.

love lauren x

Table Numbers

Recently I was commissioned to do some watercolour prints for the table numbers at an upcoming wedding. This is the first piece of art I’m being paid to do and I’m actually really excited to get started.

I can’t talk too much about what I’m doing until after the big day – that wouldn’t be fair on the bride and groom – but below is some bits I’ve put together from my bible Pinterest for you to see! 

table no

I’m going to get started tonight and I’m super excited to create something for such an important day. What I have planned is going to look absolutely gorgeous and I hope they love it.

This is something I’m looking to do from now on as it combines what I love to do and makes me a little bit of extra money – I am a student after all.

I’m going to look at doing invitations, save the dates, thank you cards and prints for your home so let me know if you would like a quote for anything doing! 

The final product will be up after the wedding.

love lauren x

Pencil Practice

I’m not the best drawer. I’m much better at drawing rough outlines of shapes and then painting the detail. Painting comes much more naturally to me.

However, the other day I got some new pencils so decided to give some facial features a try – as let’s face it (excuse the pun), faces are a nightmare to draw unless you’re incredibly naturally gifted at drawing. 

IMG_20140815_220552I’m not saying it’s fantastic (trust me I can pinpoint numerous errors after looking at it for five seconds) but I’m actually pretty impressed for a first time attempt – especially considering I’ve lost my rubber. 

So I’m going to continue practising and learning and maybe even move onto a nose soon. I can tell you now with great confidence that that is going to be an absolute disaster.

Anyway, I’m off to purchase a rubber!

love lauren x