Bye wedding dress! Hello cushion!

So this July, mum and her husband have been married for three years. And for three whole years since, her wedding dress has been hanging on the curtain pole in her bedroom (because it won’t fit in her wardrobe!), collecting dust and getting in the way.

It was never going to be used again and I think in all honesty she just got tired of looking at it openly taking up so much of her bedroom. So last night, we decided to get creative and search the internet for creative ways to upcycle a wedding dress.

Unfortunately, Pinterest (for the first time ever!) didn’t help me out. There was an array of gorgeous Christening dresses that had been made, but we don’t have a baby – and anyone that knows me and my mother will know that we just do. Nobody’s got time to research and plan an upcycle!

So we swiftly gave up, grabbed an old cushion and a pair of scissors and there was no looking back! What we made I think looks really cool, keeps the integrity of the dress, is a lot more room saving and it makes a perfect addition to her bed.

What do you think??



My brother, mumma and me looking very blonde!


75 things I love about you.

Now this is a cute idea for Valentine’s Day, but me and my boyfriend had an argument a couple of weeks ago (I snapped over nothing), and so I decided to give him this early as a quick reminder of how special he is to me.


I compiled this list together of some of the things I love about him – some soppy, some not so soppy, some cheeky and some: I can’t even show you (I figured it would make him less likely to vomit if they weren’t all too lovey!). I then folded them all up and put them in a mason jar.

And do you know what, it turned out really cute and he was super happy with it.


All you need is:

  • A mason jar or some other container
  • Paper
  • Sharpies in what ever colour you like
  • Scissors to cut out the 75 things/label
  • Glue to stick on the label (alternatively you could use a sticker)
  • Ribbon for embellishment (optional)

I then as a last minute idea also decided to add this tag which I quickly made from a piece of card, reading:
There are more than 75 things, but I couldn’t fit any more in the jar!

20150109_132509I think it looked so cool in the end and it barely took me any time, I only used things I already had so it cost me no money, and it couldn’t of found anything more personal to give him if I tried.

But the problem with being an eager-beaver is,┬ánow I have to think of something equally cute for Valentine’s Day…
(that’s not even taking into account that it’s also our two-year anniversary in February!)