Bye wedding dress! Hello cushion!

So this July, mum and her husband have been married for three years. And for three whole years since, her wedding dress has been hanging on the curtain pole in her bedroom (because it won’t fit in her wardrobe!), collecting dust and getting in the way.

It was never going to be used again and I think in all honesty she just got tired of looking at it openly taking up so much of her bedroom. So last night, we decided to get creative and search the internet for creative ways to upcycle a wedding dress.

Unfortunately, Pinterest (for the first time ever!) didn’t help me out. There was an array of gorgeous Christening dresses that had been made, but we don’t have a baby – and anyone that knows me and my mother will know that we just do. Nobody’s got time to research and plan an upcycle!

So we swiftly gave up, grabbed an old cushion and a pair of scissors and there was no looking back! What we made I think looks really cool, keeps the integrity of the dress, is a lot more room saving and it makes a perfect addition to her bed.

What do you think??



My brother, mumma and me looking very blonde!


Day 20: How do you usually express yourself?

31 Days of BPD

Through anything creative. I am a sucker for anything that can be made to look pretty. I love art. I love design. I love turning a blank piece of paper into something special, or a thrown out piece of rubbish into something gorgeous. I love how powerful words can be; how amazing a room can look. I love colour, I love black and white and I love gold. I love anything that hangs from the ceiling.

I love anything where you can visually express yourself.

art etc

It allows me to feel free and it allows me to feel like something good is coming out of all the negativity in my life. So often it’s all about feeling rubbish, but when I pick up a pencil or a paint brush, or look at an event space to design – everything comes together.

That’s the reason I thought about this year’s upcoming Mental Health Art Auction. There are so many people that suffer like myself, but that all have one thing in common – the creative flair that comes with the madness. So why not channel all that talent and goodness into something epic, that can raise lots of money and awareness.

If you’d like to take part, I’d be more than thankful and honoured to have you join the fight.


To Mumma, with love

Just a quick post today.

I had a really good Christmas and Boxing Day today with the family – I’ve been very spoilt as per usual. As mentioned before, my present to my mum was a painting for the kitchen. She redecorated around a year ago so she’s been wanting something to fill a blank wall since; as well as pestering me to paint something.

And as it’s now been Christmas, here you go – I can reveal it. My painting, with Swarovski crystals added (because if there’s one thing my mum can’t resist, it’s sparkle!)


Let me know what you think,

love lauren x

Pinterest-ed Bedside Table

For those of you that know, I’m a student – and my new bedroom is in desperate need of a bedside table. 

Therefore, I ended up with this bargain from a charity shop which needed a bit of love to cover up some tea stains, but overall was perfect, and cost a tenner.

tableAnyone that knows me, knows that I love Pinterest more than – well, more than anything. It’s my source of inspiration for everything I do. It makes me want to make things and change things for the better, so I love checking it out everyday hoping for something to catch my eye. 

Therefore, I thought what better, than to transform my table with a mood board of my favourite Pinterest pins. Not one of these photos are mine, but I love them all and so staring at them everyday is definitely going to spark my imagination.

All it took was the photos, some PVA glue and an old paint brush, and I love the result! I made sure to only pick pins with a muted champagne/gold/beige colour scheme as these will best compliment my new room. But other than that, it’s a big mixture of events, lighting, interiors, food and all sorts! 

table 2Let me know what you think,

love lauren x



Moving home

So yesterday I moved home.


For those of you that don’t know, I have been on my placement year from uni working for 12 months, and it’s now over! Feeling very sad about leaving new friends but also incredibly excited to be home for three weeks and then off to uni again towards the end of September.

Therefore, I did miss out yesterday’s post for the 31 Days of BPD challenge – please forgive me, I was travelling (I think this is a valid excuse!!)

I’ll do two later!! For now, it’s a chilled out day with my mum and my labradoodle, Charlie!

love lauren x

Day 11: Is there anything you do that helps keep you grounded?

31 Days of BPD



Anything creative. Drawing, writing, painting and any time of design – interior or events mainly. It’s the one thing I can do that takes away my troubles. I don’t think of anything else no matter how many thoughts are running through my mind. I’m incredibly lucky that there is such a thing that does this for me.

I don’t need to listen to any music or have the TV on to distract me, my mind is empty whenever I start. It makes me appreciate everything around me, and feel good about myself for a short amount of time as it’s something that I excel in. It’s the only thing I do that isn’t structured – I’m a person that likes a plan, but with creativity that goes out of the window and I often don’t know what I’m going to do until I do it.

My family, friends and boyfriend also keep me incredibly grounded. They’re all amazing and put up with my rubbish every day. They’re all amazing.

love lauren x


Spoons & Forks etc

Hi guys, just a quick follow on post from Spoons etc which you can see if you click right here.


The basic faint outline of the cutlery is done for my three designs for Mum’s kitchen. As previously said, it’s going to be monochrome greys and blacks with hints of aubergine and lime green to reflect the other colours around the kitchen. 


I also have an idea of playing around with some tinfoil and/or glitter – as Mum loves any type of sparkle and the reflective nature of the material will brighten up the awkward dark part of the room where the art is going to be hung.The silver colour will also compliment the monochrome painting whilst adding different textures.

Super excited to get this finished! Keep posted.

love lauren x


My first blog post – thought it would only be right to tell you a bit about myself.

I’m 22, originally from Felixstowe but studying Events Management in Leeds. I’m a lover of anything creative and think that most things in life could be made that little bit more pretty and innovative. I do consider myself to be an entrepreneur too as developing new ideas and businesses is always at the forefront of my mind.

Pinterest is my absolute bible for inspiration and sparks my imagination for many of the things I do. My mind works at a million miles and hour so pinning and storing photos for later allows me to focus on one project at a time – sometimes; I’m not very good at that.

I’m incredibly impulsive – a little too impulsive if you ask me, and very generous with my money. These traits can be somewhat linked to my Borderline Personality Disorder and Cyclothymia which alongside severe anxiety dominated my teenage years and is something I still struggle with everyday.

I moan a lot and get aggitated incredibly quickly about small details, but I do also pride myself on being able to see the good in everybody and every situation.

I love lighting and anything that hangs from the ceiling – it’s guaranteed to make a space more inviting and complete. I love unicorns – just because, and anything that has a unique beauty. Antique shops are home to some of the best furniture – there’s just something about it that can’t be bought from a well known Swedish flat pack store. Lists should be written for everything, and I will write you one if you haven’t already; being organised isn’t difficult. You’re just not trying.

I hate velvet – it’s the only material I can’t work with. I’m a 90s child and there’s something about velvet that makes me think of a burgandy jumpsuit my mum dressed me in throughout my childhood. I also hate balloons – don’t ask (I’ll come onto that another time) and tall table centrepieces that restrict your view. They may look grand and opulent but practicality is important too. I also can’t stand judgement – allowing people to be who they are, want to be, and can’t help being is crucial; we weren’t all meant to be the same.

So that’s me in a nutshell.

The epitome of a perfectionist. Underlining the boy’s titles who worked next to me in year 8 Geography because he refused to use a ruler. I’m a little bit of a nightmare at times and I just want to make everything look nice.

More to come soon. Watch this space!

love lauren x