35 thoughts on “Getting to work (kinda – not really!)

  1. rachel says:

    that was amazing. really. you are so brave. that was so incredibly powerful. thanks for sharing. i think tomorrow is your day! xo


  2. lola gayle says:

    Thanks you once again for letting us into your life. I’m so glad you at least made it to the shop and were able to go in. Please do your best to fight this. It’s not a good thing when you’ve reached the stage that so many of us are in. I’m rooting you on from across the pond. Go, Lauren, go!

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  3. Leslie says:

    So fantastic! It’s so hard to do what you are doing and so easy to give up and become a hermit. I’m so impressed by how hard you are trying and inspired by your determination to not give up. Thank you for sharing with us like you did.

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  4. proudmummabear says:

    I am always so humbled by the lovely comments you get Lauren. It’s so amazing to know you have so many wonderful people rooting for you. Just goes to show how you touch people’s hearts with your honesty and openness. Love you xx


  5. eunoia91 says:

    Amazing! So glad you got where you did! I understand how suddenly everyday things pop up as a problem, makes no sense but thats how much if a bitch anxiety is! Takes away the places we can actually go!!Important thing is you’re trying and doing so well! Xxx


  6. alittlebitofmeanyway says:

    what kind of work do you do? i’m having trouble with my anxiety and I don’t have a job right now, but i’m looking. do you have trouble working when you are actually at work?


    • bylaurenhayley says:

      Hey! I’m a student full time but I just work part time in a clothing boutique. It’s a great job for me because it’s five minutes away and because it’s independant it’s never too busy. Work is definitely one of my safe places so I don’t struggle with that side at all. It’s just the getting here because outside is proving a problem at the moment. Good luck!

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  7. Kriswasp says:

    As much as I really enjoyed the video, I’m a bit disappointed that there wasn’t more information about the chocolate. Sure you said it was ‘a big Galaxy’…but was it plan, caramel, whole but, cookie crumble, bubbly…
    These facts are important!


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