Day 20: How do you usually express yourself?

31 Days of BPD

Through anything creative. I am a sucker for anything that can be made to look pretty. I love art. I love design. I love turning a blank piece of paper into something special, or a thrown out piece of rubbish into something gorgeous. I love how powerful words can be; how amazing a room can look. I love colour, I love black and white and I love gold. I love anything that hangs from the ceiling.

I love anything where you can visually express yourself.

art etc

It allows me to feel free and it allows me to feel like something good is coming out of all the negativity in my life. So often it’s all about feeling rubbish, but when I pick up a pencil or a paint brush, or look at an event space to design – everything comes together.

That’s the reason I thought about this year’s upcoming Mental Health Art Auction. There are so many people that suffer like myself, but that all have one thing in common – the creative flair that comes with the madness. So why not channel all that talent and goodness into something epic, that can raise lots of money and awareness.

If you’d like to take part, I’d be more than thankful and honoured to have you join the fight.


7 thoughts on “Day 20: How do you usually express yourself?

  1. prideinmadness says:

    I have often wondered that if I was more visually creative (or may accepted my level of visual creativity) if I would have been happier. Sounds silly to me but I always wanted to draw what I felt and it made me sad that I couldn’t (or not as well as I wanted). I do write and sing though and I can’t imagine my life if I didn’t do either of them.

    I’m very excited to be participating in your auction!


    • bylaurenhayley says:

      Thank you, I’m very excited that people are getting on board so early! I think we’ll be able to do something great.

      I get incredibly frustrated when I can’t do something as well as I’d hoped too – a lot of my paintings and drawings you will never see, because about three-quarters of the way through it I’ll stab it with the paint brush out of frustration (not even joking haha). I’m a perfectionist so I don’t like my work often, but I love it enough to do it even if it doesn’t give me an end result.

      I think writing and singing is awesome. I obviously write, but I would do anything to be able to sing! I have no musical talent at all – I’ve always wanted to play an instrument as well but it takes me about four hours to learn one chord on the guitar!

      It’s a good thing that we all have different talents!


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      • prideinmadness says:

        I tried piano and guitar and I really struggle with reading music. Teachers hate when you write the note names under the notes lol Singing never really required me to read music because someone was playing the piano and I just matched the note played.

        I can imagine that all of your work is amazing but I understand the perfectionist telling you otherwise. What is your favourite type of art to do? (painting, drawing, sculpting etc.)


  2. bylaurenhayley says:

    That’s true!

    Painting by far. I love doing everything but that’s what I’m good at and then occasionally I’ll add in another medium or texture into the painting. It calms me right down – it’s the only thing that can completely stop me thinking. I don’t need to listen to any music or anything. Just me, a paint brush and a piece of paper/canvas in complete silence for hours on end – and not one thought goes
    through my head!


  3. lifeofmiblog says:

    Yes you have really got me there. I struggle so much to express myself clearly to others. It all makes sense to me, but the concerned looks show I am the only one who gets it. I build bespoke furniture, a great way to express myself. I love writing, but I am not very good at it as you will see if you visit my blog, but writing allows me to unload all the garbage in my head.
    Great post Lauren

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